Roman Reigns Upset At Top Star, Horrible Mickie James News

Roman Reigns Top Star
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A top star angered Roman Reigns because of what occurred at Survivor Series. Also, unfortunately, horrible news about Mickie James to share.

Roman Reigns Upset At Top Star

WWE presented another installment of the their annual Survivor Series event on Saturday. A huge twist was the addition of WarGames being incorporated.

There were two WarGames Matches, with the men closing. Even though the women produced a much better match.

In the main event, The Bloodline won. As the show went off the air, Roman Reigns did not look happy, despite the win.

Because there is more to the story as Reigns was not selling his character. He was legit heated according to Sean Sapp behind Fightful’s paywall.

Sapp noted how Reigns felt Kevin Owens “took exception” in an unmanned spot. But, the exact spot is unknown. 

“Roman Reigns was visibly upset after the Survivor Series main event, specifically about a spot within the match,” said Sapp. “It was rumored among those that we spoke with that Reigns took exception to what he perceived as an unplanned spot between he and Kevin Owens.”

“As he walked backstage, he mentioned possibly having a ruptured ear drum, and wanted the spot to go as originally planned. The exclamation was said to have been ‘expletive filled and it was clear to everyone that Reigns wasn’t happy.”

Roman Reigns And Kevin Owens Kept It Professional Backstage

There have been no reports of either superstar exchanging words or getting physical after the show. The report continued how there should be no problems moving forward.

“Those that we spoke with didn’t believe there would be any extended heat in regards to the situation. And that it seemed like more of a ‘heat of the moment’ reaction.” 

“But, that’s only their perception of things. We haven’t heard of a physical altercation or an argument, and talent that we heard back from said that they expected the two to be able to coexist for work purposes.” 

Reigns did miss the post-show press conference. The belief backstage is both are professionals and will resolve the matter on their own; remember, this isn’t AEW.

Horrible Mickie James News

Roman Reigns Top Star

Source: @luchalibreonlin, Twitter, Screenshot

Terrible news to report about the family of Mickie James. Her brother and 16-year-old niece passed away in a car accident. 

The Impact Wrestling star and WWE veteran did not discuss all the details. She thanked everyone for their well wishes and did not want fans pointing blame, as she refers to the accident as a simple mistake.

James broke the sad news on Twitter.

Basically, a horrific moment in the life of Mickie James and those around her.

So, from everyone at Wrestle Newz, we send our condolences to the friends and family of the loved ones.

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