Does WWE Want Pair Back, Another AEW Star Working Hurt

does wwe want pair
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The company has seen quite a few returns, but does WWE want another pair back? And according to reports, another AEW star is said to be working hurt.

Does WWE Want Pair Back

There have been a lot of returns to the company in 2022…does WWE want another pair back to add to the reunions?

Fans have been buzzing about bringing back Zach Ryder. Now known as Matt Cardona, the former Superstar has flourished since he departed the company.

But…I said pair, right?

Well, there’s been some buzz about his wife, Chelsea Green, also being on Triple H’s wish list.

Green, herself a former Superstar, would be another addition to a suddenly deep women’s roster.

So, does WWE want the pair back?

According to GiveMeSport, there is definitely interest from WWE.

It is possible that WWE might be angling for a deal to bring both back in the same shot, but that is not confirmed.

Cardona has been keeping himself busy, and has recently said he’s not asking for a return…but is not against it.

Chelsea Green recently wrapped up her commitment to IMPACT, so she could be available shortly.

does wwe want pair

source: @Brutus1981Rp, twitter, screenshot

Green has shown a lot of promise while she was in NXT, but she had some really bad injury luck.

So…it seems WWE does want the pair back. Whether they want to be back, we may soon find out.

Worth speculating…Chelsea Green may be free soon, depending on her indy commitments.

There is one slot open on Team Belair’s WarGames match. Could WWE save a surprise for the event, and could it be her?

Probably not the needle mover Boston fans are hoping for…but would be nice to see her back.

Another AEW Star Working Hurt

Speaking of injuries, another AEW star is reportedly working hurt.

The Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez called out the possible injury on a recent report.

Specifically after watching a recent match, he noted that Luchasaurus performed a chokeslam, but left handed.

Typically, the masked star does such a move with his right.

Thus far, there is not a definitive nor official indication that the AEW star is injured.

However, there is enough to at least wonder out loud.

Alvarez believed that he’s been hurt for a while, though to what extent is not clear.

That he is still working matches might point to it being something minor.

It’s possible that he can work through it, but until he recovers he will be favoring the injured arm.

Does WWE Want Pair

source: @AEWOnPPV, twitter, screenshot

He’s had an interesting year, so any injury is unfortunate for him.

For now, he does have himself a big match at Full Gear, which fans are looking forward to.

Perhaps he’s holding on through that match before he takes time off?

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