Big Plans For Rhea Ripley, Kane Could Be In Trouble

big plans rhea ripley
source: @rhearipley_wwe, twitter, screenshot

This isn’t a shock, but there could be big plans ahead for Rhea Ripley. Plus, WWE Hall of Famer Kane could be in some significant trouble.

Big Plans For Rhea Ripley

No one should be stunned by this, but according to some buzz, there are some big plans ahead for Rhea Ripley.

These plans specifically involve Ripley and a championship bout at next year’s WrestleMania.

According to the Wrestling Observer, the current plans on the table have Ripley finally having her title match against Bianca Belair.

If you recall, Belair and Ripley were set to battle earlier in 2022, but the match was changed due to an injury to Rhea.

Carmella was subbed in, and we’ve yet to revisit the Ripley-Belair matchup.

Now, if the Observer is actually correct, there seems to be a reason for that.

Specifically, WWE is likely saving that for the Grandest Stage of Them All.

How we get there remains to be seen, but we are approaching the Road to WrestleMania.

Perhaps Ripley wins the Women’s Royal Rumble in January? Could you imagine if somehow Dominik got involved to ensure her victory?

One thing is certain-Ripley and Belair seem destined to clash, and it could be a star-making event in April.

Could Rhea do to Belair what not even Bayley could do (when the title was on the line, anyways)?

big plans rhea ripley

source: @rhearipley_wwe, twitter, screenshot

For now, it seems Rhea and Judgement Day might be busy with Mia Yim and The OC for a little longer.

But if plans come to fruition, she will have herself some much bigger plans in 2023.

Of course, under prior leadership, we often saw 3 or 4 women fighting for a big prize at WrestleMania. Could this fan be on to something?

Kane Could Be In Trouble

Kane, otherwise known as Glen Jacobs, could be in some trouble.

More extensive details come courtesy of a local Knox County news station.

The trouble comes as part of the fallout from a recent suit.

While the suit was settled, details are coming out, and they aren’t good for the former Kane.

Things started when apparently a county-owned golf cart-yes, a golf cart-was being misused.

A broader investigation ensued, and apparently found county employees doing non-county work, on county time, for county officials.

Including Jacobs.

big plans rhea ripley

source: @glenjacobsTN, twitter, screenshot

When these improprieties came to light, it’s alleged that Jacobs demanded an official cover things up. That request was denied, and here we are.

As one fan pointed out, this would not be Kane’s first time running afoul with a golf cart.

While the initial suit may have been settled, it may have also brought some new things to light.

Could this all derail Jacobs’ political career? Or will this all blow over and end up being but a footnote in his career?

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