WWE Adds Intriguing Writer, Freddie Prinze Confirms Wyatt Offer

wwe adds intriguing writer
source: @JustAlyxCentral, twitter, screenshot

The company continues to bring in new talent, but now WWE adds a very intriguing writer to the mix. Plus, Freddie Prinze Jr confirms that he did indeed make Bray Wyatt an offer.

WWE Adds Intriguing Writer

Ever since Triple H got promoted, we’ve seen people hired and returning…and now WWE adds an intriguing writer to their creative team.

See, it’s not always about the Superstars coming back.

Now, this particular writer is very noteworthy, and the hire and their role might be just one more major piece of the white rabbit puzzle.

Specifically, WWE has hired notable horror writer Robert Fee. He has now been given the title of Director, Longterm Creative.

That scoop comes courtesy of PWInsider.

Fee has done work for Marvel and Disney…but it’s something else he pitched that should really be intriguing.

At one point, prior to his WWE release, a Fiend movie project was pitched. Reports indicate that the treatment went over well, but for reasons, nothing happened.

Robert Fee was the person responsible for that treatment.

And now, he’s a WWE director.

wwe adds intriguing writer

source: @JustAlyxCentral, twitter, screenshot

On top of that, reports indicate that Fee has been working within WWE for over a month.

His first notable project? He is the creative force behind the white rabbit QR campaign.

So, let’s do some WWE Creative math, shall we?

Fans were already convinced that the white rabbit is Bray Wyatt. The RAW teasers from this week were particularly specific.

But now, you have a new intriguing writer, with a background in the horror genre. And he pitched a Fiend movie in the past.

Who is now working on that very white rabbit QR campaign.

To be blunt, when the reveal happens, presumably Saturday at Extreme Rules…if it is anyone but Bray Wyatt, it could get interesting quick.

And just for fun, this hire made another eventual free agent pleased, it seems.

Freddie Prinze Confirms Wyatt Offer

While we might all expect Wyatt back in WWE soon, he had chances to go elsewhere. In one example, Freddie Prinze Jr. confirms he made Bray Wyatt an offer.

Prinze, who is trying to start up his own small promotion, confirmed the offer via his podcast.

As he put it, he did indeed make what he termed a “creative” offer to Wyatt.

Understandably, he also acknowledged that financially, he couldn’t touch any offer WWE could put out.

wwe adds intriguing writer

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

That is why Freddie says he got creative, making an offer that took into account things Wyatt values that perhaps WWE cannot or would not include.

Given that most wrestling fans expect Wyatt’s WWE return is quite imminent (see above), odds are that Prinze’s creative offer for Wyatt wasn’t compelling enough.

There was some other information he provided that was intriguing, however.

While he has no television deal (honestly, streaming would make the most sense), he does have one well known female talent lined up to work with him.

Prinze also noted he has some established wrestling people interested in joining when the time is right. There was even a hint that some might currently work in AEW or WWE.

Without a start date, we will just have to wait and see.


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