All The White Rabbit Details You Missed On Monday Night Raw

White Rabbit QR Code

I don’t know when there was this much mystery and speculation about a wrestling storyline. The White Rabbit saga has turned the whole of the wrestling fandom into amateur detectives as we piece together clues to find out who or what the White Rabbit is. This week’s clue on Monday Night Raw sent the internet scrambling into some wild theories. 

But before we get into the White Rabbit and what all of these breadcrumbs mean. Let’s dive into a few other details you missed on Monday Night Raw.

DC Enters The Fight Pit

The former Champ-Champ and UFC icon hinted he would appear on Raw ahead of his special guest referee gig at Extreme Rules.

I, too, can’t believe this is happening.

What role will Cormier play in the Fit Pit? A “special guest referee” is rarely just that.

As for the Fight Pit? It looks to be a similar design to a modified cage used in NXT. Complete with a catwalk circling the ring.

Cormier is a lifelong wrestling fan who used wrestling-style promos in his mic work while in UFC, including a call out of Brock Lesnar. That fight never happened in UFC, but there’s a rumor that DC’s entry into this match could lead to him squaring off against Brock in Cormier’s first pro wrestling match.

As for the feud between Rollins and Riddle? It has continued to be extremely personal. 

The White Rabbit Code

I love how crazy the Internet goes when the White Rabbit QR code pops up.

WWE flashed another QR code to show more “clues” on the White Rabbit.

We got more obscure evidence that Bray Wyatt’s return is behind this.

There’s also a code, apparently written in the made-up language used by the fictional Predators.

And the binary code translates to Gacy.

With Gacy and others being mentioned, is Wyatt unveiling his stable?

There’s also this. With WWE leaving more easter eggs than your churchyard on Sunday, this lantern may mean Bray is involved.

And there was another “White Rabbit”  moment at Raw. 

The mystery continues to unfold. Will we finally meet the White Rabbit at Extreme Rules? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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