Triple H Back On Television, More Superstars Returning Soon

triple h back television
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There are rumblings that we could see more of Triple H back on television. And he could have company, as more former Superstars are expected to be returning soon.

Triple H Back On Television

There is a chance we could be seeing more Triple H back on television.

If you’ve been watching in recent days, we started seeing some of that…but those could be special…or the start of something.

Triple H was back on television on Friday, kicking off the show for the season premiere of SmackDown.

He was teased for the premium live event in Philadelphia, but not shown. We did get the made-for-live-television “Triple H” door card, however.

According to Fightful, this could be the start of a Triple H on-air role, potentially.

triple h back television

source: @wrestlefeatures, twitter, screenshot

Regardless, we do know we will see at least one more show with Triple H in front of the camera and back on television.

The RAW season premiere is this evening, and part of the fun will feature a D-Generation X celebration.

Triple H, of course, was one of the key members of the faction, and will be back on television for that.

Whether Hunter makes more frequent appearances as an authority figure remains to be seen.

We’ve certainly seen him serve those roles before.

However, things have been clicking pretty well since Hunter was promoted. Not saying they wouldn’t continue to click if he returned to an on-air role.

Just thinking more like…is it really something that RAW or SmackDown is missing? And, if we got an authority figure-Hunter or otherwise-it means less television time for others.

And in case you’ve missed it…the company has a lot of talent needing and wanting time. Not sure adding an on-air authority figure is needed.

More Superstars Returning Soon

While we had one massive return to end Extreme Rules, it seems more former Superstars could be returning soon.

One return was already teased on the SmackDown season premiere.

We saw a vignette for the Viking Raiders, but with a woman’s voice narrating.

That voice is believed to be that of Sarah Rowe, formerly known as WWE Superstar Sarah Logan.

She is married to one half of the Viking Raiders, making the team-up a logical one. Fightful confirmed the suspicions, but thus far, plans for Logan are not yet clear.

Another former Superstar who could be returning?

Bo Dallas.

triple h back television

source: @justalyxcentral, twitter, screenshot

According to the Wrestling Observer, Bray Wyatt’s younger brother could be returning very soon.

Following Extreme Rules, there was a decent amount of speculation that it was indeed Bo Dallas behind the Fiend mask at ringside prior to Wyatt’s big reveal.

And, speaking of those Fun House characters, there is rampant speculation on Twitter in terms of who was behind the masks.

That is, of course, if there was anyone actually behind them. It is entirely possible that the characters were just a means to an end, and nothing else.

But. for fun, here’s some speculation:

Not going to lie, a Wyatt-led faction could be quite intriguing. Especially if they line up and square off against, say…The Bloodline.

The Wyatt Family was pretty creative, but the Family as we knew it cannot happen again.

That said, we might be on the verge of a new faction, and fans are buzzing.

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