The Miz’s Secret And Other Details You Missed On The October 17th Raw

The Miz

WWE is gearing up for the next Crown Jewel show, which means we’re getting a lot of major PPV-level fights. Usually, this is a dead season while we gear up for Survivor Series, but now that WWE is doing this massive Saudi shows, we get a nice fall bump in storylines and feuds. 

With that in mind, here are a few of my thoughts on a few segments and details you probably didn’t notice. 

Brock vs. Bobby II

Lest we forget that Bobby Lashley is also a monster, he took it to Brock tonight.

They need to build believability that Brock can lose. Lesnar is already the favorite, but having Lashley rough him up to a big reaction draws a lot of interest in this fight. I hope that, instead of a monster vs. monster match, WWE lets Lesnar and Lashley use their amateur and MMA backgrounds to make a technical match. It would be a pleasant surprise and a good change of pace for both stars. 

When Baron Corbin Is The Best Dressed Person In A Group…

A few weeks back, a down-on-his-luck, Happy Corbin, stepped into the limo of what appeared to be JBL. The millionaire Texas-sized a-hole seems to be back, and Corbin is with him.

I don’t know why Corbin needs a handler or a manager. But Corbin is good enough to rise to any situation WWE gives him because he’s the most underrated worker in the company. JBL made a trade to bring Corbin to RAW. In the promo, he returned to his old heel self. I love that JBL got in a few words attacking long-time nemesis Rey Mysterio. 

But all I can think about is what Bradshaw was wearing. JBL should use all that money he made on the stock market and get himself a better suit.

Miz’s Secret

After months of personal attacks and attempted kidnappings, we have finally gained a little story in the feud between Dexter Lumis and The Miz. According to Johnny Gargano, The Miz and Lumis have a past and share a secret. That secret? Well, it’s a secret. But we do know it involves something the Miz promised Lumis. According to Gargano, revealing this secret would get The Miz canceled.

The Miz, desperate to keep this secret, ambushed Lumis, costing him a match where Lumis was fighting for a WWE contract.

What could be a secret so big it would get The Miz canceled? It may have something to do with The Miz asking Lumis to “take care” of an opponent or adversary. Maybe Lumis was the man who tore Cody’s shoulder?

More Main Roster Crossover

WWE has ramped up its cross-promotional branding as of late, as the main roster and NXT stars regularly appear on different brands. It looks like the Good Brothers are joining in on the game, joining noted Good Brother Cameron Grimes in a tag match this week on NXT.

The two join Roxanne Perez, who has all of the backstage buzzing with her solid debut performance on SmackDown last week.

Perez and her Halloween Havoc partner Cora Jade have jumped onto the main roster to build their match and find some allies.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see these two on the main roster sooner rather than later.

Overall, RAW was solid once again. The emphasis on wrestling and building new stars continues to pay off 

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