Jeff Hardy AEW Return
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After being arrested over the summer, is Jeff Hardy close to making an AEW return? Also, Liv Morgan discusses a scary spot from SmackDown.

Jeff Hardy – AEW Return

Jeff Hardy is considered one of the most popular wrestlers of his time. While he has found great success in wrestling, his personal life has been troubled.

For most of Hardy’s career, he seems to have struggled with drugs. Years ago, when he was part of Impact Wrestling, drug charges sent him to jail for a brief time.

Even his last run with WWE saw erratic behavior at the end. At a live event, Hardy tagged out of a match and left through the crowd.

WWE drug tested Hardy, but he did not fail. So, he sat at home before being released several days later.

In March, The Hardy Boyz reunited once again.

It was clear that Jeff would join his brother, Matt Hardy, in AEW. Come June, Jeff was suspended after being arrested for driving under the influence.

It was his third DUI related arrest in the last decade.

According to PW Insider, Hardy will not be returning to AEW anytime soon. First, he must get past his legal issues.

“Hardy has a pre-trial hearing for his DUI related charges in Florida on Wednesday 10/19,” the report stated. “As we reported over the summer, Hardy’s attorneys waived his right to a speedy trial and requested a hearing set for July be pushed back 60 days to assist in his defense.” 

“The 10/19 date would be the rescheduled hearing.” 

“PWInsider is told Hardy is still officially with AEW, but is not expected to return from his suspension until his legal matters are cleared up and he’s shown he can maintain sobriety. Hardy has been in treatment for some time after his arrest earlier this year.”

Right now, AEW is trying to avoid any more problems.

Liv Morgan On Scary Table Spot

Jeff Hardy AEW Return

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The September 23 episode of SmackDown saw Liv Morgan take out Lacey Evans. Morgan hit a senton on the outside, sending Evan’s through a table.

On “Out of Character with Ryan Satin,” Morgan addressed the scary spot.

“I feel great,” said Morgan. “And, honestly, everyone keeps asking me that.”

“But I think I just landed the best I could have possibly landed. So, I had initial pain, but I didn’t leave there feeling sore.”

“I had the initial jarring, but I woke up and I did live events, and I felt okay. So, I was like, ‘Oh, okay, so now that I know I can do that.'”

“I never, never, never have done that in my whole entire life. And I’ve done this one.”

“I feel great. And, honestly, everyone keeps asking me that.” 

“But, I think I just landed the best I could have possibly landed. So, I had initial pain, but I didn’t leave there feeling sore.”

So, Morgan against Ronda Rousey will happen at tomorrow’s Extreme Rules. This will be their third meeting, as Rousey looks to regain her title.