Huge Praise For Solo Sikoa, MJF – Tony Khan’s Relationship

Huge Praise Solo Sikoa
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There is huge praise in WWE right now for the young Solo Sikoa. And, is MJF & Tony Khan’s relationship still strained or are they now good?

Huge Praise For Solo Sikoa

At the moment, The Bloodline are seemingly unstoppable. Despite some cracks recently, they have a bunch of gold and are featured towards the top of WWE products. 

One of the newer additions to the stable is Solo Sikoa. He is the son of Rikishi, younger brother of The Usos and cousin to Roman Reigns.

He debuted in NXT and people could quickly tell he would be a major star.

Apollo Crews, who recently returned to NXT after years on the main roster, agrees. In fact, he was looking forward to wrestling Sikoa in NXT.

Although, just a Crews arrived, Sikoa was being phased out. It was a disappointment for Crews, as he wanted a match with Sikoa.

On Rick Ucchino of Cageside Seats, Crews mentioned some of the names to watch in NXT.

“I can give props where props are due,” said Crews. “Grayson Waller is a very talented individual.” 

“Carmelo Hayes is another one. We already saw Solo [Sikoa] get called up, you know, one of the guys that I was looking forward to doing some more work with.” 

“I mean he’s on his way to becoming a superstar. Already is, you know, next is gonna be megastar for him.” 

“The Creed Brothers, you know, some good guys down there. Damon Kemp, you know, there’s a lot of talent, lot of young guys.”

MJF – Tony Khan’s Relationship

Huge Praise Solo Sikoa

Source: @ProWFinesse, Twitter, Screenshot

MJF has been a star since the beginning of AEW. At first, he seemed like a rising wrestler with potential.

Then, he turned heel and has never looked back. There is a great case that MJF is the best heel in the business.

He rarely breaks character and knows how to get under people’s skin, making a perfect heel. Although, he has been teasing a face turn the past few weeks.

It was not ago, many thought MJF could be done with AEW. He no-showed a meet-and-greet and there were rumors he wanted out his deal.

Next, he would appear for his match against Wardlow. MJF was squashed and then vanished from TV for a but.

So, many are not sure if this real life or a work. Either way, people were talking.

MJF would return at the conclusion of All Out. Also, he takes on AEW World Champion Jon Moxley at Full Gear next month.

When it comes to their current relationship, Tony Khan seems content. He went into details with Variety.

“It’s very professional. “He’s been part of AEW from day one, and he’s one of the most important stars on our TV show.” 

“Whether you love MJF or love to hate MJF, I think he’s one of the wrestlers who’s connected with the audience in recent years and made himself a star. He’s also had the company behind him to help build him and support him.” 

“I think that he is the total package of everything it takes to be a successful pro wrestler. I think he has it all. He’s a really important part of AEW.”

He might be the future of AEW, especially if he wins the World Championship in less than 30 days.

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