Expect More White Rabbit Reveals, Why Cody Rhodes Left AEW

more white rabbit reveals
Credit: @fightful, twitter, screenshot

On the heels of an incredibly positive response to Bray Wyatt’s return, fans can expect more White Rabbit style reveals in the future. Plus, amidst some chaos and speculation, find out why Cody Rhodes left AEW.

Expect More White Rabbit Reveals

Given how things went, it should not be a shock that we can expect more white rabbit style reveals in WWE.

According to PWInsider, the interactive white rabbit reveal that led to Bray Wyatt’s massively popular return is just the beginning.

Prior to the white rabbit efforts, it had been a long time since WWE had given fans some truly creative and engaging teasers ahead of a Superstar reveal.

As the QR codes and videos began to surface, this campaign reminded me of past teasers for former Superstars like Chris Jericho (the Y2J  countdown, for sure) and even Taz.

WWE did some good ones for The Undertaker, but most, even if well done, were usually pretty obvious.

more white rabbit reveals

source: @fightful, twitter, screenshot

While hindsight is 20/20 and the white rabbit reveal to be Bray Wyatt was kind of obvious, it was super engaging and fans loved it.

And, with Hunter in charge, and a new creative writer pushing all the right buttons…for the right talent, we can expect more white rabbit style reveals in the future.

It seems likely that, considering we only just concluded the first one…that we will likely wait a bit for the next big campaign.

That said, we are enjoying things as WWE draws out the eventual Uncle Howdy reveal. Not quite the same as the white rabbit fun, but still engaging.

Why Cody Rhodes Left AEW

With all the drama lately, some suspected we were seeing the reasons he moved on…but now we know why Cody Rhodes left AEW.

In the aftermath of the All Out brawl, some were speculating that Rhodes left AEW because of issues with Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks or CM Punk.

Rhodes took to Twitter to respond to a fan and set the record straight.

So, while fans were quite sure that the issues that led to numerous suspensions and possibly a couple of AEW exits might also be why Cody left…they are not.

The personal issue remains just that-a personal issue. Cody Rhodes’ other point is likely the bigger driving factor.

more white rabbit reveals

source: @codyrhodes, twitter, screenshot

Specifically, and as he mentioned his first night back on RAW, he wants to win the title that eluded his late father.

Now, to be honest, Rhodes seems smart enough to not air any dirty laundry, too. If he had any issues with any of his former AEW co-workers, I’d be willing to guess he’d keep that quiet.

That said, it certainly does not sound like any of the issues in AEW now, contributed to Cody’s exit at the beginning of the year.

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