Brock Lesnar Not Wrestling In America, MJF Return Helps TV Deal

brock lesnar not wrestling
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If reports are true, Brock Lesnar may not be wrestling in America again in 2022. Plus, not surprising, but the MJF return likely helps the prospective AEW TV deal.

Brock Lesnar Not Wrestling In America

It might be a minor shock, but reports are coming out that Brock Lesnar will not be wrestling in America again this year.

Lesnar has not been seen since he and his tractor challenged Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.

While he left us with some incredibly memorable imagery, that match may be his last stateside for the year.

But, there is a key in the wording, of course.

Brock Lesnar might not be wrestling in America again this year…but that doesn’t mean he’s not working another WWE show.

While he has not been announced for WWE’s annual Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia, it has been reported that Lesnar is expected to be involved.

brock lesnar not wrestling

source: @letson_jordan, twitter, screenshot

After all, for someone who works a limited number of shows and likes big paydays, they don’t get much bigger than the shows in Saudi Arabia.

So, like it or not, Brock Lesnar might not be wrestling stateside again in 2022.

For now, the next US appearance for Lesnar remains unannounced. But, per the Observer, current plans do have Lesnar working Day 1 in January.

Of course, as always, cards remain subject to change. If someone feels like Lesnar is needed sooner, then likely a deal would be struck to make that happen.

On the other hand, Lesnar did walk out after Vince McMahon abruptly retired. While he was convinced to return, perhaps The Beast has less motivation to show up.

MJF Return Helps TV Deal

In what might be a stunningly obvious observation, the MJF return likely helps the upcoming AEW TV deal.

Per Fightful, a number of Warner Discovery executives were said to be very happy that MJF was back, and how his return has been received.

Considering how things have been going over the last couple months? AEW will take that.

It’s quite the development, all things considered.

Whether it was planned or not, when MJF delivered his scathing promo, some were concerned how his expletive filled tirade would be viewed by those executives in attendance.

Yes, the TV deal has been being hashed out for a long time.

Since then, AEW has had a few other (even bigger) issues.

brock lesnar not wrestling

source: @the_mjf, twitter, screenshot

Thus far, none of those hiccups have killed off the TV deal. If the All Out brawl didn’t, then it is likely more a matter of when, not if, the deal gets done.

Still, MJF is arguably the company’s biggest and brightest star, so it makes sense why TV executives would be super happy to have him back.

MJF attracts eyeballs to TVs, and the more that watch, the better the ratings are.

The better the ratings, the more everyone can make, from the TV deal, from commercials and more.

So, it makes a lot of sense that they’d be happy to have him back. It also makes sense why MJF cut a new AEW deal, getting a raise but not a new expiration date.

Which all means that, when his free agency hits, things will be very interesting to watch.

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