Austin Theory MITB Plan
Source: @_Theory1, Twitter, Screenshot

For Austin Theory, WWE has a unique plan for his Money in the Bank (MITB) contract. Also, some good news about Big E’s health.

Austin Theory – MITB Plan

When someone wins the Money in the Bank briefcase, it is usually a positive sign. For the most part, a majority of the winners have successfully cashed-in to become champion.

At the event this year in July, Austin Theory and Liv Morgan won their respective briefcases. Morgan did not wait long as she cashed-in later that evening. 

Theory is yet to use his huge opportunity. He has teased cashing-in several times, but the match is always called-off at the last minute.

He does have a full year to cash-in, which is something WWE has never done. Although, early indications note how Theory might wait until the very last day.

WrestleVotes informed GiveMeSport about the possible direction.

“There is an idea that he is the first guy to wait a full year,” the report stated. “Like the day of or, let’s say, the night of Money in the Bank next year.” 

“That’s the storyline. Like ‘you have to cash this in two and a half hours. You have to cash this in 90 minutes.’” 

“That type of thing. I know that idea is on the table.”

Honestly, Theory should hold the briefcase for as long as possible. Remember, Roman Reigns holds both the Universal and WWE Championship.

And, he has not been defeated in over two years. He has beat everyone possible, including Brock Lesnar in several encounters.

Once Reigns drops a title, Theory can quickly cash-in. But, if that happens, it probably will be closer to WrestleMania 39.

Big E’s Current Health

Austin Theory MITB Plan

Source: @Staric28, Twitter, Screenshot

After such a lengthy run in WWE, it seemed 2021 would be the year of Big E. He won the WWE Championship, but then things went south.

At Day 1, he dropped the title he worked so long to win. Then, he broke his neck during an episode of SmackDown.

While with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, Kofi Kingston spoke about Big E’s recovery. From how it sounds, Big E is doing well.

“He’s getting a lot better too for those who are concerned and what not,” said Kingston. “He was actually roller skating the other day.” 

“I was like ‘Oh my God, is he okay? You’re alright man?” 

“He’s coming along and he’s in great spirits. We’re just kind of taking it one day at a time.” 

When Big E is back and all of New Day is cleared to wrestle, Kingston could see WWE brining in Trios Championships.  

“I think a trios title would be interesting, it would obviously be something that has never been done before in WWE so who knows,” said Kingston “You gotta stay tuned and watch to find out.”

AEW recently added that belt. Unfortunately, AEW has too many titles and the trios championship already seems lost.