Andrade Hints At Leaving AEW, Rush Signs Full-Time Contract

Andrade Hints Leaving AEW
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Andrade has been dropping hints he might be leaving AEW. Also, Rush is officially under contract after only being paid per appearances.

Andrade Hints At Leaving AEW

Andrade El Idolo was a promising star who competed frequently in Mexico and Japan. Then, he took his talents to NXT before joining WWE’s main roster.

Like many, his time in NXT did not match what Vince McMahon wanted. He started off working some major programs, but quickly became an afterthought after be added to a tag team.

So, Andrade requested his WWE release. At first, the company denied the request before change their mind less than a month later.

He would join AEW in June of last year. Andrade fought some top level competition, although he never really worked any title programs.

In an interesting development, Andrade tweeted a message to his manager, Jose The Assistant, for all this help. The tweet seemed to hint Andrade might be departing AEW.

This should not come as a major surprise as Andrade could have been used better. Also, he might be better featured in WWE now that Triple H is running things.

When Triple H oversaw NXT, he put the World Championship on Andrade. Plus, his wife, Charlotte Flair, works for WWE and has some stroke.

On Dynamite this Wednesday, Andrade takes on Preston “10” Vance. Andrade has offered his career in the match, while Preston “10” Vance puts his mask on the line. 

If Andrade is leaving AEW, the storyline has already been set. Unfortunately, Andrade and Preston “10” Vance doing battle in such a high-profile match came out of nowhere.

Rush Signs Full-Time Contract

Andrade Hints Leaving AEW

Source: @MILANO_MOBBBB, Twitter, Screenshot

If Andrade is departing AEW, it puts Rush in a strange spot. The former two time Ring of Honor (ROH) World Champion just signed with the promotion.

In fact, Tony Kahn confirmed the recent addition only days ago. Up until that point, Rush was being paid per appearance. 

At Double Or Nothing, Rush was introduced as Andrade’s business partner. Since then, the two have reunited their team from about seven years ago.

Even if Andrade does depart, Rush is a talent wrestler who does not need someone to get over. We could be looking at Rush the singles wrestler, or he could join a stable like most AEW talent.

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