AEW Buyout CM Punk
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After all the headaches, AEW might buyout CM Punk. Also, Nick Gage blasted Matt Cardona while also praising another wrestler.

AEW Might Buyout CM Punk Deal

Currently, we are still waiting to learn about the futures of Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and CM Punk. All four remain suspended following the melee after All Out.

Of course, Punk won the AEW World Championship and then cut a scathing promo during the media scrum. He mostly took a shot at Colt Cabana, but also commented on “Hangman” Adam Page and AEW’s EVPs. 

The result would see The Young Bucks and Omega confront Punk in the dressing room. At this moment, people are still trying to figure out exactly what happened.

So far, only Ace Steel has been fired. There are reports he bit Omega’s arm.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, word is AEW is trying to buyout the rest of Punk’s contract. One issue might be AEW wanting Punk to sign a legal document stating he will not appear for WWE.

From the start, many believed buying out Punk’s contract was the best option for both parties. The investigation is still ongoing and there is no timetable for a return.

Although, AEW has started to mention the suspended wrestlers on TV. Up until this week, AEW made sure they did state their names.

That could be a sign they aew getting ready to finish their investigation.

Even if Punk does return to AEW, it will not happen for about eight months. During his title win, Punk was injured.

It marks the second time he needed a lengthy break to heal. Right before returning, Punk missed a few months of action because of injury.

Nick Gage Blast Matt Cardona

AEW Buyout CM Punk

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Nick Gage is known for competing in deathmatches. Since getting out of prison, he has been heavily featured in GCW.

While on Busted Open Radio, Gage had choice words for Matt Cardona, while praising Jon Moxley.

“I just love Jon [Moxley] because he was the same person when he left when he came back – same guy,” said Gage. “We were cool, we were friends and he was just the same guy, man, he has a beautiful family, you know?” 

“I text him all the time and we talk and I give love to his family. Now there are some guys that come into deathmatch wrestling and do one match to try to get over.” 

“I do feel disrespected when some guys come in for one match, like Matt Cardona. He comes in for one match and then he’s done.”

“That’s kind of p— s—, you know? I did f—ed his a— up and carved him up.” 

“I wanted to make him a bloody mess and I wanted him to make sure he never wanted to step in the ring with me again and I think I did that.”

So far, Cardona has not returned to the deathamatch world. Moxley is big fan of those matches, but his new AEW deal will not allow him to work for GCW.

He can work for companies that have a deal with AEW. Moxley’s new five year contract will see him also work as a mentor to younger wrestlers.