[SPOILERS] Who Is The White Rabbit?

Who is the White Rabbit? The past four days have seen the WWE universe going crazy trying to figure out this new mysterious character. 

It all started during a commercial break on SmackDown when Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” played with red lights flashing. The crowd seemed to think it was Bray Wyatt The moment repeated during the weekend’s Live Events and last night on Monday Night Raw. 

A leaked QR code led users to a WWE site that played this video.

But we still have more questions than answers. Who is the White Rabbit?

Is The White Rabbit Bray Wyatt?

Everyone is assuming that the White Rabbit is Bray Wyatt. The red lights, the mysterious music. All of it points to Wyatt making his long-awaited return to WWE.

More evidence is that the final Bray Wyatt toy released before he got fired was him in a Mad Hatter gimmick.

There’s also this quote from 2015 that plays into the language used in the video.

It comes from this interview with Michael Cole.

What If It isn’t Bray Wyatt?

Of course, it is the WWE, so you should always expect the unexpected.
What if Bray is developing a faction and bringing the Firefly Funhouse to life?

Perhaps this repackaging of Karrion Kross?

The “white rabbit” was his gimmick in Lucha Underground.

Or maybe it is the return of one of Adam Rose’s Rosebuds from the Exotic Express.

Who I Want The White Rabbit To Be

I hope the mystery continues. To me, it seems evident that it is Bray Wyatt. I would be disappointed if it wasn’t. He is too good of a talent not to be in the WWE right now. He would be perfect to face off against Roman Reigns or hop around scaring everyone with his new gimmick.

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