Was End of Clash At The Castle Botched, Latest Plans For Veer?

end of clash botched
source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

With how the show went off the air, was the end of Clash at the Castle actually botched? And, we have not seen him recently, so what are the latest plans for Veer?

Was End of Clash At The Castle Botched

The sing-a-long was an interesting way to go off-air, but was the end of Clash at the Castle actually botched?

According to a former WWE writer, it was.

Freddie Prinze Jr made that statement on his podcast. The implication being that, while Drew and Tyson Fury serenaded fans, no one watching at home was supposed to witness that entertainment.

While it was a bit odd to see the man who lost the main event smiling in the ring after…according to Ringside News, Prinze is actually very wrong in his assertion.

Freddie implied that perhaps WWE did not have clearance for the musical rendition (copyrights and licensing and all that fun), so they should have cut the live feed before the “concert”.

end of clash botched

source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

Ringside’s report shoots that down pretty clearly. It would seem that WWE did everything according to plan, and that the production team made sure they’d secured appropriate permissions before letting the end of Clash at the Castle be aired.

So while it was certainly one of the more unique show endings, no, the end of Clash was not botched.

Latest Plans For Veer?

First he was coming…for forever…and he did finally show up, but now he is MIA. What are the latest plans for Veer?

It’s a fair question, as his usage has been all over the map.

But, much like before, when we were constantly fed the “Veer is coming” vignettes…it seems WWE Creative currently has no plans for him.

According to Fightful, once again, the creative team isn’t sure what to do with Veer. This explains his latest absence from television.

Of course, in this latest disappearance, it is a bit understandable. We have not seen Veer since the change in company leadership.

Veer, of course, is not alone in being off of RAW or SmackDown

end of clash botched

source: @ringsidenews_, twitter, screenshot

Former tag partner Shanky has not been seen much. We’ve also not seen Omos or MVP, just to name a few.

Rather than wasting valuable time on talent that has no creative direction, the new regime is seemingly taking the talent off of the shows and figuring out how to move forward.

Considering that WWE has wanted to create more appeal to the Indian fans, it seems unlikely that Veer would be released.

However, as we’ve seen a number of other Superstars head to NXT 2.0 of late. I can’t help but wonder if Veer might resurface in Florida.

It may not be a bad idea, giving him more in-ring work while allowing creative decisions to be made.

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