Triple H Just Destroyed Another Vince McMahon Project


NXT 2.0 is Dead. Long Live NXT.

After the 1st anniversary show of NXT 2.0, it appears that WWE’s developmental brand is once against moving in a new direction or moving back in an old direction. Or moving in an old direction in a new way. Regardless, WWE retired The tie-dye splatter NXT 2.0 logo after the Tuesday night show, returning to the black and gold color scheme. Here’s why that’s a big deal.

NXT Changes Over The Last Year

Last Year NXT debuted a new logo and color scheme as Vince McMahon took control over the developmental brand. Triple H was medically unable to be in Florida for tapings and developmental training and had also lost the faith of WWE higher-ups. In Vince’s eyes, NXT had failed to prepare wrestlers for the main roster. The added insult of losing to AEW on Wednesday nights no doubt fueled the decision for change. 

Besides new colors, Vince nearly wholly overhauled the talent roster. Gone were many indie darlings Triple H had recruited over the years. Instead, NXT returned to its developmental roots and began featuring more up-and-coming talent that WWE had primarily trained inside the Performance Center.

And honestly? NXT 2.0 was enjoyable. It allowed a lot of newer stars a chance to develop engaging characters while working on their in-ring skills. More wrestlers had “gimmicks” to help them stand out, and storylines became more sports entertainment-focused. 

But then the VKM downfall happened, and NXT and WWE’s creative direction, in general, fell back into the hands of Triple H. The changes were immediate several released developmental stars returned to the main roster. Trip’s best friend, Shawn Michaels, was officially given control of NXT.

And now, with a return to the black and gold branding, it is apparent that Triple H is stripping away most, if not all, of the elements Vince instituted. 

There was a lot of criticism of the way NXT used to be. The emphasis on indie stars and the lack of actual “developmental” talent made many feel that NXT was little more than Triple H’s play promotion. But now that there is congruity in who controls the main roster and developmental, perhaps stars will have a better chance of surviving on the main roster.

We already see that effect with Damage CNTRL and Johnny Gargano. NXT stars can make it on the big roster if given a fair shot and good direction.

Fans React To The Change

While not a replica, many fans view the reversion as a sign of change.

Not everyone is pleased, and I share a lot of these concerns. Hopefully, NXT 3.0 will retain the bright character-driven work of its predecessor.

But many people are complaining about it because they don’t like anything WWE does.

Share your thoughts on NXT’s rebranding in the comment section below.

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