Tony Khan Set Policy For Releases, AEW Talent WWE Reached To

Tony Khan Policy Releases
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The rumor mill is working overtime when it comes to AEW releases, as of late. According to a new report, the company’s President, Tony Khan, recently set a policy when it comes to talent releases.

Tony Khan Set Policy For Releases

Dave Meltzer recently talks about AEW and a new policy Tony Khan has set in regard to releases, during his latest Wrestling Observer Radio. As per Meltzer, no one is getting released, anytime soon.

Dave clarifies that this doesn’t mean “nobody” will “ever” get their release from the promotion. There are and will be, exemptions to this rule at different times.

However, for the most part, stars will not be cut. Dave notes that both Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews will likely be back on AEW TV at some point soon.

There had been rumors that both talents were released by AEW. In fact, some reports were saying that Black got a conditional release, which was odd, to say the least.

Both wrestlers have made it clear that they just need time away. Black addressed this on an Instagram live stream recently.

He notes that he’s simply taking some time off for personal reasons. He assured fans he would be back on AEW TV in some weeks or months.

More On Tony Khan Setting A Policy For AEW Releases

Unfortunately, due to speculation, many thought both Buddy and Black were released, but that wasn’t the case. As such, fans began to wonder if they were headed back to the WWE, which also isn’t the case.

AEW is having its fair share of drama backstage. Here’s hoping Tony Khan can help resolve these issues to move the company forward.

Speaking of, there are reports noting that AEW is dealing with the WWE reaching out to acquire some of their superstars. Whom did the company get in contact with?

AEW Talent WWE Reached To

Things are running very differently in the WWE, now that Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon are co-CEOs, and HHH is leading creative. There have been many surprising WWE superstar returns lately, and many more on the horizon.

Tony Khan Policy Releases

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Fightful Select recently reported that Swerve Strickland was an AEW talent that the WWE reached out to for a return. The company had the idea of bringing Hit Row back to SmackDown.

With that said, Swerve wasn’t interested in a WWE return. He referred them to his lawyer.

Some Talents WWE DIDN’T Reach Out To

The report also reveals some talents the WWE didn’t reach out to. Despite online speculation, Keith Lee and Miro were not contacted by AEW’s rival for a return.

Another rumor that Fightful squashed was that Bobby Fish was asking Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole to leave AEW with him and go back to the WWE. AEW and WWE sources both denied any of the sorts took place.

WWE sources confirmed they had not talked to Fish. It doesn’t sound like there was any discussion between Fish, O’Reilly, and Cole to jump ship.

Only time will tell. Sometimes promotions can be a revolving door, where talents come, go, and come back again.

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