Mood At WWE HQ Improving, Thoughts On Newest AEW Leaders

mood at wwe hq
source: @KevinI, twitter, screenshot

In what is a continuing trend in recent months, mood at WWE HQ is improving after the big summer changes. Plus, what are the locker room’s thoughts on the newest AEW leaders.

Mood At WWE HQ Improving

After Vince McMahon retired abruptly, the company underwent some big changes. In the wake of those changes, even the mood at WWE HQ is improving.

PWInsider shared that report, and some of the comments just make you shake your head.

But, given the way things ended, the stories also make a ton of sense.

It was noted that, under the new leadership group featuring Nick Khan, Stephanie McMahon and Paul Levesque, the mood at WWE HQ is much improved.

Apparently, while Vince McMahon was still in charge, some staff likened him to the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. While that dino did eventually sort of save the day…this one was not a pleasant compliment.

mood at wwe hq

source: @KevinI, twitter, screenshot

As he had done with the on-air product, McMahon was known to micro-manage staff inside WWE HQ as well.

Now, there is no such issue.

Staff reported a more pleasant environment, less stress and no fear of issues if they weren’t available 24/7.

The constant re-writes that Vince was known for are not an issue. While re-writes still happen, the process is said to be vastly improved.

It has only been a few months for the new trio, but thus far, everything has pretty much gone as well as anyone could have possibly hoped for.

Triple H is said to be working on bringing a steady stream of surprises to keep fans engaged. If his recent shows are indicative of what’s to come, we should be in for some treats.

Thoughts On Newest AEW Leaders

Speaking of improving moods….what are the thoughts from the locker room on the newest AEW leaders?

Because, in case you somehow missed it, AEW’s wrestling vice presidents have been suspended.

Who could have ever imagined having wrestlers also actively serve as company executives would backfire!?

In any case, as Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and others serve indefinite suspensions, other veteran talent have filled the leadership void.

And, it seems, have provided more leadership for AEW than those suspended stars may ever have provided.

mood at wwe hq

source: @JustAlyxCentral, twitter, screenshot

Per Fightful, in a talent meeting following the All Out brawl, Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson stepped in and stepped up.

Talent felt that this meeting went far better than other meetings led by those not in attendance.

There was other praise for each of the the three top AEW stars, and it isn’t all that surprising.

Jericho and Moxley have basically been with AEW from it’s earliest days. Danielson is only a year or so in, but his veteran status carries weight with the locker room.

That these three stepped up to fill the leadership void isn’t too much of a surprise.

There are a few other big time veterans in the back who could have chimed in (and maybe they did?), but the leadership from this trio was most noted.