MJF Signs New AEW Deal, Triple H’s Stance On Blood In WWE

MJF New AEW Deal
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MJF is undeniably one of the most controversial new talents to hit the wrestling business in a long while. For months now, a major news story has been about him wanting more money in his AEW deal, but no contract extension. It seems he finally got his wish.

MJF Signs New AEW Deal

Back in June, MJF cut an over-the-top promo that dug into Tony Khan. It created a huge wave all across the wrestling business and had fans talking.

Basically, he talked about wanting – deserving – more money, without a contract extension. He also made light of all the over-paid ex-WWE wrestlers the promotion brought in.

MJF would “disappear” in AEW after that promo. There was even speculation that he could be released.

The Salt of The Earth would return at All Out and has been a big part of AEW TV since. What’s the change?

MJF Confirms He Signs New AEW Deal, Without Contract Extension

While on the MMA Hour, talking with Ariel Helwani, MJF confirmed he signed a new AEW deal. That is, without a contract extension.

MJF notes that his AEW contract ends in January 2024. When asked why he didn’t sign an extension, the talent states that he’s the number one contender for the AEW World Title.

He goes on to say that if he wins the championship, he’ll have even more bargaining power when his contract is up in early 2024. MJF states that at that point, he’ll go to the “highest” bidder.

Will MJF win the AEW World Title before then? Only time will tell.

Over to the land of WWE, Triple H is now the lead when it comes to creative. This includes storylines, content, and how entertainment is delivered, weekly and at pay-per-views.

This also means keeping what fans want to see, on top of mind. So, what’s his stance on bringing back blood to WWE matches?

Triple H’s Stance On Blood In WWE

While chatting with The Ringer, HHH took the time to promote Survivor Series, coming up in November. He also spoke about how he envisioned the WWE product in this day and age.

MJF New AEW Deal

Source: @ProWFinesse, Twitter, Screenshot

In addition, Trips talked about how blood was used in matches back in the day. However, he also notes that things have changed.

In his words, the world has evolved. In his belief, HHH does not think blood is a necessary part of a match anymore.

Bringing Back Blood Would Be “Irresponsible”

HHH states that if a superstar gets cut open during the match then they will ensure to make sure it’s nothing dangerous. But he also notes that the WWE will not do anything “intentional” to bring blood into the match.

He believes that right now, the state of the world (and the pandemic) is dangerous enough, without adding other “dangerous” elements. Triple H also states that while the WWE featured blood back in the day, they’ve “changed” this practice.

He also notes that it would be “irresponsible” to bring it back. He’s not wrong.

During the interview, HHH also revealed that this year’s Survivor Series would have two WarGames matches. While these types of bouts can get brutal, sounds like fans won’t be seeing (intentional) blood during any of them.

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