Huge Update On Roman Reigns/Logan Paul Match

Logan Paul

**Friday, September 16th UPDATE**

Well, it looks like the cat is out of the bag. Dave Meltzer is reporting that Logan Paul & Roman Reigns are not only squaring off, but they’ll do it at their next big Saudi Arabia show in November.

The official announcement will take place at a Las Vegas press conference. Expect some fireworks.

Here are some reactions:

Dave Meltzer teased a huge story and gave a lot of people some nerves.

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This is typical for the big-time Saudi events, where the extra money means WWE pulls out all the stops for the show. 

Roman Reigns has beat everyone in the WWE. He stands atop a pile of foes, the Head of the Table and the Acknowledged Tribal Chief. As rumors persist that Reigns is gearing up to (finally) take on The Rock at WrestleMania next year in Los Angeles, the question remains if anyone can take him down. But assuming he holds the title until April, he will need to defend the title in the meantime, even if he is not on TV regularly. 

So who will be that challenger? It appears that celebrity wrestler and YouTube icon Logan Paul is up next.

Logan Paul called out Reigns on his ImPaulsive podcast.

This all began after Roman Reigns joined Impulsive to talk with Paul and whoever those two other dudes are.

The interview was good. Roman Reigns did an intense but light-hearted call-out of Paul. 

Paul and his cronies decided to run their mouths at the show’s end. Following the interview, Paul said he could take Reigns in the ring, citing his match at SummerSlam and that he took on Floyd Mayweather in only his second ever boxing match. 

Of course, Reigns didn’t take this lightly, and the Tribal Chief responded.

Heyman responded and issued a vague threat, calling the situation “handled.”

Logan Paul responded to Heyman’s vague threat.

Triple H chimed in, inviting Paul to come on SmackDown this Friday on Fox.

And (finally) now Logan Paul will be appearing on this week’s SmackDown.

And WWE is full-on promoting it.

Can Logan Paul Take On Roman Reigns?

Sure. The question is, should he

I think this is what happens when you have a limited roster that you already cycled through. With Cody Rhodes out of the picture until Royal Rumble at the earliest, someone has to challenge Reigns that hasn’t already. Why not Logan Paul? He’s one of the country’s biggest celebrities and will bring many eyes to the match.

Plus, he can wrestle. 

What do you think? Should Logan Paul wrestle Roman Reigns for the WWE title? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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