Happy Birthday To Happy Corbin – The Best Wrestler Ever!

It is Baron “Happy” Corbin’s 38th birthday. It is hard to think of a better and more complete wrestler in the WWE. He is incredible in the ring, has great style, and is a humble and great guy to boot!

Here are a few reasons why Happy is the best wrestler in WWE ever!

Why Happy Corbin Is The Best Wrestler Ever!

I’ll tell you what I’d get him, a shot at the WWE title! Our King deserves it!

We stan a king who can have multiple characters and story arcs and handle them all with EASE.

What else is there to love about this guy? Well, he’s STYLISH AF!

He’s A world-class gambler that Vegas fears!

He’s humble and a friend of another King, MJF.

And he’s always supporting up-and-coming wrestlers.

He’s teaching his kid the video game classics!

An In-Ring Icon

He’s a better high-flyer than Rey Mysterio.

Even at his lowest, he was still amazing!

But he’s a safe worker who doesn’t get his fellow wrestlers hurt doing a bunch of flippity-dippity nonsense.

Once again, I have to say it. The. Drip. Is. Immaculate.

He listens to his elders, like the legend JBL!

Happy Corbin has a better record than Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Antonio Inoki combined!

What do you love about Happy Corbin? Please share your thoughts on our beloved KING in the comment section below.

Share your love of Baron Corbin in the comments below.

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