tyson fury big plans
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Following an interesting and entertaining conclusion to the hit Clash at the Castle on Saturday, we have at least one lingering question: Does Tyson Fury have big plans for a WWE future?

After all, he was pretty busy on Saturday, and all of his major moments involved the main event and key main event players in WWE.

It’s fair to ask, and wise to dive deeper into that…so…we ask once again…

Does Tyson Fury Have Big Plans For WWE?

And, conversely, does WWE have big plans for or with Tyson Fury?

Considering that Saturday was not Fury’s first interaction in a WWE ring, clearly there’s a good relationship in place.

And after how things went down on Saturday, there are bread crumbs in place to bring Fury back for more.

But, at the same time, it is clear that Fury is not done in a boxing ring. So, anyone hoping for some type of a full-time run?

Keep waiting.

So, does Tyson Fury have big plans for WWE?

Lets look at what he had a hand in at Clash at the Castle, and unpack it bit by bit.

No Cash-In For You!

Perhaps his biggest contribution of the evening, and one that made a lot of people happy.

With both Superstars and the referee down, Austin Theory’s music hit.

The youngest Money In The Bank winner raced to the ring, desperate to cash in.

As he was handing it over to declare his intent, Tyson Fury interjected.

Fury popped up from his ringside vantage point and drilled young Theory, laying him out.

There would be no cash-in for Theory this show.

The Unpopular Handshake

Fury, a decorated boxer, stepped into the ring after Reigns stole a victory from his pal Drew McIntyre.

The Gypsy King and the Tribal Chief talked and seemed to stare down a bit…but shook hands and Reigns left.

tyson fury big plans

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

There was no doubt about it, fans did not like that. Fury was acknowledging Reigns, and that was that.

Admittedly, at this point in the show, I had concerns that the powerful Fury might have plans to knock out the Scottish Warrior.

After all, while knocking Theory out helped both champion and challenger…I had not expected Fury to then acknowledge Reigns.

For a brief moment, perhaps Reigns (or Heyman) had called in a favor or bought Fury off. Unlikely, but nothing would surprise me.

Lingering Doubt

With Reigns gone and McIntyre down and exhausted, Fury helped Drew up. For a brief moment, I was expecting it to seem like a morale boosting event.

Like, “Hey Drew, good job”. Only to have the Gypsy King then knock McIntyre back down.

Mostly, if for no other reason than this: a match between Drew McIntyre and Tyson Fury seems to make more sense than Fury and Reigns.

Sending Fans Home Happy

But, whatever little bit of doubt I had? Gone when the pair serenaded the crowd.

While Drew basically had Reigns beat until Solo Sikoa showed up…and then lost the match…this was the consolation prize.

Fans did not get to see their hometown hero hoist both belts to send them home happy.

tyson fury big plans

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

However, they did get something pleasant to leave the stadium with. It was not the ultimate happy end of a show, but it was still satisfactory.

And, it left us wondering…does Tyson Fury have big plans for WWE?

In a word, perhaps.

There is a history with WWE and the Gypsy King. He has worked a match before for the company, so another is not a stretch.

Fury is undoubtedly a major name. Would you truly be shocked if he popped back up in the coming months, setting up a WrestleMania match?

Personally, I would not. Two night WrestleManias require more matches to fill things up…and a special attraction match with Fury would fit the bill perfectly.

And, we’ve already heard rumors of who…and it is another WWE Superstar…and a massive star in his own right.

There are rumblings that Fury wants a match with recent signee Logan Paul.

But, either way, during the post-show press conference, Fury confirmed he was more than open to some future WWE plans.

So it certainly seems likely that we have not yet seen the last, or heard the last, of the Gypsy King in WWE.

To be honest, if future events are as entertaining as his time in the ring on Saturday, I am here for it.