Report: CM Punk Planned Out His Post-Match Rant

CM Punk Gripebomb

When you thought the CM Punk story was dying down, we get some more news that, in my opinion, only reinforces the need for AEW to cut ties with Punk. The new reporting on his meltdown after All Out shows that Punk wasn’t emotional but calculating, and some people backstage maybe knew it was coming.

CM Punk Planned His “GripeBomb”

It turns out that Punk was planning his rant, now known as the Gripebomb, since his sudden return two weeks ago. 

This, according to Dave Meltzer:

“One person noted that Punk two weeks ago when he returned said that the press conference after the PPV would be interesting.”

Granted, this is one person telling Dave Meltzer something, and you know my thoughts on “wrestling journalism,” however, Dave has been pretty even-handed on this, and most of his stories have been corroborated.

The Gripebomb, as some are calling it, was CM Punk’s unprompted rant against EVPs Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks and wrestlers Adam Page and Colt Cabana. Punk went full scorched earth on the group, even going so far as to attack Cabana for sharing a bank account with his mother.

And to make matters even worse, it turns out that Tony Khan knew it was going down. According to reports, Khan was far from an innocent bystander.

According to Wade Keller.

“I was told that Tony knew something was coming from punk, and he had some idea he had something he wanted to bring up.. so, watching Punk, he had the agenda,”

Fans React To The Story

“Dear Kenny I Wrote and you still ain’t never called.” 

Of course, some people think a man waiting two weeks to attack his coworkers isn’t that big of a deal.

Perhaps Punk had a more sinister plan, like burying MJF’s return?

What do you think? Should CM Punk be done with AEW and wrestling in general? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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