WHAT HAPPENED!? – Breaking Down The Crazy Weekend In Wrestling

Clash AT The Castle

If you didn’t think of Labor Day weekend as a big wrestling weekend, you will in the future. WWE and AEW put on massive events where titles changed hands and major storylines unfolded. It might be one of the biggest non-WrestleMania weekends in wrestling. Here are a few highlights 

Gunter And Sheamus Go To War 

The fight of the weekend, and possibly the year, was the Intercontinental Title Austria’s Gunther squared off against Ireland’s Sheamus.

The two giants are known for being hard-hitting.

Sheamus’ chest at the end of the match was gnarly. 

Not to be deterred, Sheamus got his licks in too. 

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And we might have gotten the unexpected Sheamus face turn out of it, as the Irish arsekicker is more determined than ever to finally get the IC title.

Dom Mysterio Turns On His Dad at Clash At The Castle

We all knew this would happen, but not like this!! I really hope this is building to Dom vs Rey at WrestleMania in a mask vs. hair match at WrestleMania. I’ve been wanting Rey to have an Apuestas match at Mania ever since he came back, and now is the perfect opportunity.

Roman Reigns vs. Tyson Fury?

Tyson Fury made himself a factor in the WWE Title match when he knocked out Theory to prevent his MITB cash-in.

Who is left to fight Roman Reigns? He has run through everyone in WWE, so why not bring in one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time? I don’t know how “Good” of a match these two would put on, but the spectacle of it would be something else.

Ricochet and Carmelo Hays defy gravity.

MJF Returns In Secret – Becomes Number 1 Contender 

MJF returned to AEW as the mysterious Joke in the Casino Ladder Match. It looks like we are getting a rematch between him and CM Punk, this time for the AEW champion. MJF needs to be the champion of AEW, and the company must take the belt off of Punk. 

CM Punk wins AEW Title – Goes Scorched Earth On Ex-Friends.

I don’t care for CM Punk. I think he’s a hypocrite, a fraud, and an average wrestler. That being said, this statement following his victory at ALl Out was incredible. A lot of people are wondering if this was staged. It didn’t seem fake to me. Punk was determined to bury everyone but him. He made Tony Khan look like a chump. The media seems to think this is all legit. While I suspect wrestling media has played along with AEW a little too much, this certainly blurs that line.

A lot of and are conPunk’sng Punk’s tirRoman’sn Roman’s statement and silence during his post-game presser.

What did you think of these events? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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