Booking Issue With Roman Reigns, Marty Jannetty Hospitalized

Booking Issue Roman Reigns
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Roman Reigns has dominated the WWE since his return in 2020. Currently as the Undisputed Universal Champion, a recent report hints that the company has a booking issue with the unstoppable superstar, ahead of WrestleMania 39.

Booking Issue With Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns currently holds two high-level championships. He’s also defeated every challenger put in his pathway in the last two years.

He’s riding an incredible wave. However, this can prove to be very challenging when booking him.

Especially when it comes to WrestleMania season. A recent tweet from WrestleVotes (above) offers some perspective on the challenges creative is dealing with.

Roman Reigns & WWE Booking Issue

The WWE is dealing with a complex circumstance in having a part-time multiple-title holder. They don’t want Roman to lose, but they need another superstar to hold a championship prior to WM 39.

Looks like HHH and other officials are open to any suggestions at this point. Can Reigns lose one of his championships before ‘Mania in a way that he won’t look weak?

Plus, with Roman not being a part of the WWE’s next pay-per-view (PPV), Extreme Rules, the opportunity to take a title off him lessens. What will the company do?

As the longest-reigning Universal Champion in history, Roman Reigns is on quite a roll. He entered the WWE in 2010 and has done some incredible things in his career.

As a Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion, he’s held the WWE title four times, the Universal Championship twice, has held the U.S. and IC titles, plus, the Tag titles. He also won the 2015 Royal Rumble.

Over to some sad news, Marty Jannetty was a very popular tag team wrestler in the WWE, circa the ‘80s and ‘90s. Unfortunately, he’s currently hospitalized.

Marty Jannetty Hospitalized

Marty is probably most well-known for his time with Shawn Michaels as The Rockers. When the duo split up in 1991, the Heartbreak Kid went on to a WWE Hall of Fame-worthy career.

Booking Issues Roman Reigns

Source: @BRWrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

Although Jannetty experienced some success without Shawn, too. He had a run as Intercontinental Champion and won the WWE Tag Titles with the then 1-2-3 Kid.

Jannetty is also quite known for his controversial social media posts, in recent years. Unfortunately, he’s also had his fair share of health issues.

Why Is Marty Jannetty In The Hospital?

Jannetty hopped on Facebook to talk about his ankle problems, recently. He revealed that he’s also hospitalized.

He notes that his right ankle is damaged slightly because of wrestling. You can see the post, below.

Marty wrestled with the WWE from 1988 to 1997, on and off. He also performed in some indie promotions during his wrestling career, as well as WCW, and ECW.

Jannetty would return to the WWE for one last final run, from 2005 to 2009. His last match for the company was on the October 19th, 2009, edition of RAW when he lost in a bout against The Miz.

On behalf of everyone here at WNZ, we wish Marty and full and speedy recovery. Here’s hoping he feels better, soon.

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