All Out Backstage Legal
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The wrestling world is buzzing about the backstage incident after AEW’s All Out event this past weekend. Once the media scrum was over, the new World Champion had an altercation with Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. Word has it, there may be legal issues. 

All Out Backstage Brawl May Be “Legal” Issue

CM Punk went on a rant about Adam Page, Colt Cabana, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega during the post-All Out media scrum. According to reports, Omega and the Bucks threatened to leave the company due to what Punk said.

There was then a backstage altercation that pitted Punk and Ace Steel against Omega and the Bucks. Dave Melter chimes in the entire ordeal during his most recent Wrestling Observer Radio.

According to Meltzer, the situation is “100%” not a work. In fact, Dave notes that “legal” people are involved.

This is probably why no official from AEW has gone public about the incident. It’ll be interesting to see what happens over the course of the next couple of weeks.

What Kind Of “Legal” Issue Could Arise From The All Out Backstage Brawl?

As per reports, Ace Steel, an AEW producer and onscreen talent, threw a steel chair that hit Nick Jackson in the eye. Sean Sapp from Fightful is reporting that Steel will likely be fired after this incident.

One source is stating that Steel is lucky he’s not in jail. Therefore, getting released might be the lesser of two evils for Ace.

There seems to be a ton of backstage drama in AEW. Meanwhile, WWE seems to be riding a nice wave of harmony between officials and talent.

A lot of that has to do with new management, especially Triple H. This makes it no surprise that HHH recently got promoted.

Triple H’s Promotion

After Vincent Kennedy McMahon retired and John Laurinaitis was let go, Trips was given full authority over WWE Creative. Fans have enjoyed many changes in the product, and there’s a new positive air backstage with superstars and other employees.

All Out Backstage Legal

Source: @WrestleOps, Twitter, Screenshot

Recently, the company announced that HHH was given a promotion. Hunter is now the Chief Content Officer (CCO) for WWE.

According to a statement made by the company, Paul Levesque has been promoted to CCO. In addition, the WWE announced that Frank A. Riddick III would be the new President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

The Changes Can Be Seen & Felt

Since transitioning into his new role, HHH has organized a 15 percent boost in RAW ratings. There’s also been an increase of “double-digits” in social media engagement.

HHH is now heading up talent relations and talent development, creative writing and creative services, as well as live events, in his new promotion. Trips said in a statement he’s looking forward to this “amazing” opportunity.

Meanwhile, Riddick has spent over 13 years on the WWE board of directors. He joined the company last year as a temporary CFO.

Riddick will oversee financial analysis and planning for the WWE in his new role. He’ll also handle investor relations, tax, technology, event travel, strategy, and controllership.