AEW Stars Feel Bad For MJF, Malakai Black Taking Time Off?

feel bad for mjf
source: @aew, twitter, screenshot

The star finally came back to the company on Sunday, but following All Out and the fallout, AEW stars feel bad for MJF. And is Malakai Black taking time off from wrestling?

AEW Stars Feel Bad For MJF

Coming back at All Out as the Joker, it should have been the highlight of the night…but considering how things went, AEW stars feel bad for MJF.

If you somehow have missed the exploding drama out of AEW, here’s a recap, and an explanation of why stars feel bad for the now back MJF.

For starters, if you went to bed immediately after MJF revealed himself to be the Joker, you’d think it was the most newsworthy from All Out.

However, if you caught the post-show media scrum, you no doubt caught new World Champion CM Punk’s scathing meltdown.

The meltdown, and what transpired after, has AEW stars feeling bad for MJF.

His return, after months away, should have been the AEW story everyone was talking about on Monday morning and beyond.

Yet here we are, on Wednesday, barely talking about the big return.

It is understandable why the news out of AEW is overshadowing MJF’s return.

It the only thing that happened post-show was Punk going off, that would be big news.

feel bad for mjf

source: @aew, twitter, screenshot

However, after his blow-up, there was a backstage altercation that is still being sorted out.

Depending on which reports you believe, either CM Punk started a physical altercation. Or The Elite busted down Punk’s dressing room door and escalated things.

Now, the wrestling world awaits the latest shoe to drop. Will there be fines, suspensions or even some involved being fired?

That remains to be seen. But, what we do know, per Fightful, many in the AEW locker room feel bad for MJF having his return overshadowed by Punk’s issues.

But, as others pointed out, this is kind of karma for MJF, given what he did earlier in the year.

Malakai Black Taking Time Off?

There were reports last week that this AEW star may have asked for his release…but is Malakai Black taking time off?

According to PWInsider, Black is indeed taking a break from professional wrestling.

Perhaps a permanent break,  but certainly at least an extended break.

A number of sources have indicated over recent days that Malakai Black has been dealing with an undisclosed personal issue.

Based on what has been implied, this may be a mental health issue that Black is dealing with.

Regardless of what his reasons are, he left All Out in a manner that had many fans and pundits believing that it was Black’s farewell.

feel bad for mjf

source: @JustAlyxCentral, twitter, screenshot

If not a farewell from AEW forever, at least for the quite some time.

That was further underscored as he had previously been scheduled for a non-AEW appearance this weekend. He has since pulled out of the appearance.

So far, it seems that Black has been removed from AEW’s roster pages. Tony Khan was asked about him during the crazy media scrum, but Khan had no comment.

If Black is done with AEW-or even wrestling-for good, it’s a loss for the fans. However, if he is stepping away to take care of any personal issues, I can only wish him the best and hope he finds his peace.