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WWE NXT Europe

A few years back, WWE teased a global expansion of its NXT developmental brand. Initially shared by Triple H, WWE planned to put NXT training facilities and television in regions worldwide to cultivate global talent. The plan, like so many others in WWE, was put on ice. But now that HHH is at the helm, we are getting a revival of the dormant plan. WWE has announced that they will expand to continental Europe next year for a new NXT Europe brand. 

NXT Europe

Currently, WWE’s only overseas “territory” is NXT UK, which despite its name, features European talent and talent from the United Kingdom. Shawn Michaels, who now has the title “VP Of Talent Development Creative.” said: 

“Following the success of our live events and talent identification efforts throughout all of Europe, we believe this is the perfect time to expand NXT beyond the UK.”

From the press release, it appears that NXT UK will simply be repackaged as NXT Europe. This makes a lot of sense NXT UK has heavily featured European wrestlers.
The idea appears to be the brainchild of Triple H and Shawn Michaels, both men newly empowered to book the wrestling side of the business.

The new brand will have a soft launch during the NXT UK vs. NXT “Worlds Collide” Event on September 4th. 

Who Will Star in NXT Europe? 

WWE has a bevy of European stars, both established and emerging. Who could star in NXT Europe?

Ilja Dragunov is a German-born Russian wrestler who is known for his intensity. 

Amale Dib is a french wrestler with the trappings to be a top female star. 

A-Kid (who now goes by Axiom) is a Portuguese star known for his technical abilities. 

Fans React To The News.

The early buzz on NXT Europe is positive, though some people are concerned about the loss of the UK brand.

Will we get the return of the European Title?

How do you feel about NXT UK? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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