WWE Investors Interested In Selling, Paige’s Neck Update

WWE Investors Interested Selling
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The pandemic hit the WWE hard. It’s no secret that the product and ratings have declined over the past few years, even before COVID-19 hit. Therefore, it’s no surprise to hear that investors in the company are interested in selling the organization.

WWE Investors Interested In Selling

Vincent Kennedy McMahon finally retired last month, at almost 77 years of age. Stephanie stepped up to co-CEO for WWE, and Triple H was handed the reigns to creative.

While this only happened mere weeks ago, the refreshing change was felt both during the recent SummerSlam pay-per-view (PPV) and WWE programming. Brandon Ross of LightShed Media shared his thoughts on this while speaking with Wrestlenomics.

During the interview, he notes that a possible sale of WWE has been the focus of investors as of late. This has been the case since the hush-hush money scandal surrounding VKM first surfaced.

Ross goes on to say that the WWE is relatively small. There are many larger conglomerates looking for content, especially live content, which would make the company appealing to acquire.

WWE Investors Interested In Selling – Are The McMahons?

He also states that the big question is, does WWE want to sell? Moreover, does the McMahon family want to sell the legacy that Vince McMahon Sr. started?

That’s a tough question, for anyone to answer. With that said, with all the changes that have gone down the pipe, it does seem as if WWE execs are focused on improving the product and building their audience up, once again.

Speaking of the company, Paige certainly has a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame someday, despite having her career cut short. As such, since she retired at the young age of 25, fans continue to wonder if she’ll return to in-ring action, at some point.

Paige’s Neck Update

Saraya, also known as WWE superstar Paige, had to leave her wrestling boots behind in 2018 due to a neck injury. With that said, rumors continue to buzz around the idea that she could have a comeback.

WWE Investors Interested Selling

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After all, both Bryan Danielson and Edge returned to the squared circle after time, despite their “career-ending” neck injuries. Could Paige have the same fate?

Paige recently visited with former colleagues Brie and Nikki Bella on the twins’ The Bellas Podcast. She also provided an update on her neck and pro wrestling future.

Paige’s Neck Feels “Fantastic”

Paige notes during the interview that her neck is “fantastic”, and she has no issues with it. Still, she also says that she still wants more time.

Paige states that she’s had close to five years out of the ring. However, these years have flown by “quickly” for her.

The former NXTWomen’s and WWE Diva’s champ notes that she could see herself in the ring at some point. She reveals it would have to be something very special, a “big moment”, or WrestleMania.

Paige’s WWE contract expired in July of this year. During the Bellas Podcast, she notes she does want to “branch out” more for different opportunities.

What’s next for Paige, and will fans ever see her wrestle in the WWE (or any other promotion)? Only time will tell.

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