Why CM Punk Called Out Adam Page, John Cena Almost In Evolution?

cm punk adam page
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If you watched this week’s Dynamite, you might be wondering why CM Punk called out Adam Page. Plus, could you imagine, John Cena almost in Evolution?

Why CM Punk Called Out Adam Page

It was an interesting Dynamite this week, capped by the return of Kenny Omega. But, some might be wondering why CM Punk called out Adam Page as part of the opening promo.

Considering Punk is actively feuding with interim AEW Champion Jon Moxley, it’s a fair question.

Punk came out to open the show. While he certainly talked about Moxley, he also went back on former AEW Champion Hangman Adam Page.

According to the Wrestling Observer, that was entirely unplanned.

As CM Punk called out Page, fans were probably waiting and hoping for the Cowboy to answer the call.

He did not.

While reports indicate that Page was at Dynamite, the Punk-Page promo was neither scheduled nor planned…and thus, no Page involvement was, either.

It wouldn’t have been the first time something unplanned and unscripted happened during an otherwise scripted wrestling show.

However, for this week and this show, Page stayed away and in the back.

cm punk adam page

source:@_denisesalcedo, twitter, screenshot

We may be seeing Punk stoke the flames of that feud with an eye for what comes next. Moxley and Punk have their title unification bout on next week’s show.

Page never got a re-match after losing to Punk, so it could just be someone thinking ahead about who comes after Mox…if Punk wins.

Or, there could be something else to that dig, in what seems to be a feud with a more personal edge than most.

John Cena Almost In Evolution?

In other news, could you imagine if John Cena was almost in Evolution?

The idea was, according to a former writer, discussed.

Now, while in more recent years fans have often thought that Cena needed a late career heel turn, this one would have been during his earliest years.

As for the timing, it would have been basically right around the time Cena made his WWE debut.

That Cena’s name would be brought up as a possible addition to Triple H’s heel faction is an indication of how highly he was thought of, even then.

However, as the story goes, Cena was discussed for Evolution for all of a couple minutes, and never again.

cm punk adam page

source: @wrestlerush, twitter, screenshot

My biggest takeaways from that?

One, even as a relatively green talent, his promise was likely pretty clear. While creative teams pitch a lot of ideas, to get considered for a group like that, you have to have impressed someone.

Two, as impressive as that group was…it’s hard to imagine how joining Evolution could have changed Cena’s career in either direction.

Considering all that he has accomplished, would membership in Evolution have helped him do more and sooner?

Or, would being a part of the group actually have been a bad thing? Like, could that have hindered his growth as a WWE Superstar?

When you look at all he’s done, things worked out perfectly for him.

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