triple h brings optimism
source: @reigns_era, twitter, screenshot

It was hoped for, and early reports indicate that Triple H is bringing optimism back to the company. Plus, there has been a big change to WWE promos, and that’s another good thing.

Triple H Bringing Optimism Back

Yes, it’s another of (many) good news stories related to recent management changes…but it seems that Triple H is bringing optimism back to the locker room.

Or put it another way…the Superstars largely do not miss the micromanagement and overbearing, controlling nature of the former boss.

And, Triple H realized that perhaps his predecessor and father-in-law was stifling talents.

Now, Triple H is bringing optimism back, breathing new life into creative along the way.

Imagine how awkward dinners with his in-laws might be now, especially if the last few shows are any indication of how things will go.

According to Fightful, talent across RAW, SmackDown and NXT are excited about the early changes.

While there have not been many shows, the impact that Triple H is having is hard to ignore.

In just the last few days, Hunter brought back a Superstar who had been unceremoniously released, in Dakota Kai.

He resurrected a pitched faction that his predecessor shot down, and it went over big.

triple h bringing optimism

source: @reigns_era, twitter, screenshot

This week on RAW, we saw a renewed focus on both the United States Championship and the Women’s Division.

Speaking of the women, there is strong buzz that Hunter may have managed to help rectify the rift between the company and it’s former Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Another favorite change of mine? It seems the announcers have been given much more freedom.

No more Vince yelling in their headsets, and I’d imagine no one filled that spot.

It’s only been a few weeks, but the change…the optimism…is hard to miss.

And, popping a rating never hurts either.

Big Change To WWE Promos

Speaking of things being different…there is a big change happening to WWE Superstar promos.

Now, this might shock you (end sarcasm), but Vince McMahon and his creative group loved to script everything.

That included matches, but especially included the vast majority of promos.

Maybe not word for word, but more than enough to make things largely sound…well…scripted.

Some exceptional Superstars likely got away with little more than some pointers. Others got scripts, but were capable enough to make it work.

Others…not so much.

According to PWInsider, scripted promos are now a thing of the past.

triple h bringing optimism

source: @wonf4w, twitter, screenshot

To be fair, there are going to be some talents we wish had a script, or a manager. But, in many cases, allowing the talent to talk more freely and naturally?

That will be a great thing, and it’s one chance to take fans back to when the Attitude Era was so good.

In addition to not scripting promos, it was also reported that at least some matches are being given a tremendous amount of freedom.

One specific example was the Donnybrook between Sheamus and Drew McIntyre on SmackDown.

That was arguably the match of the show, and per the report…it was basically called by the Superstars, in the ring during the match.

Now, that might be common for some promotions, but it had not been too common in WWE.

These changes are going to let the Superstars have more creative freedom and be more spontaneous.

The result should be happier Superstars and more engaged fans.

If the first few shows are any indication, the future is indeed bright.