Tony Khan Holds Talent Meeting + Bronson Reed WWE Return?

Tony Khan Talent Meeting
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It’s no secret that AEW is going through a challenging time right now. There are reports of backstage issues and WWE competition. As such, it’s no surprise that Tony Khan held a talent meeting prior to last night’s Dynamite.

Tony Khan Holds Talent Meeting

According to Fightful Select’s Sean Sapp Ross, a mandatory talent meeting was held yesterday afternoon at Dynamite tapings. Many topics were covered, including working as a team, communication lines, and who talent can turn to when they need to talk.

Khan was said to be “fired up” during the meeting that took place between 3 and 4 p.m. Eastern time. A focal point during the AEW talent meeting was rumors about the lack of access to Khan and miscommunication.

Others who spoke at the meeting included Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, Tony Schiavone, and Chris Jericho. The report notes that Schiavone has been given added talent relations duties within his role.

The report reveals that Omega and the Young Bucks noted that their door was “always” open for talent who had concerns. An email briefing was sent to talent about new talent relations and coaches.

More On Tony Khan AEW Talent Meeting

In addition, the WWE “contract tampering” rumors were addressed. In fact, it was noted during the meeting that AEW’s Chief Legal Officer sent an email to WWE co-CEOs Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan about these allegations.

Can this meeting help bring AEW management and the roster back on the same page? Only time will tell.

Speaking of the WWE, the company seems on a nice roll since the new leadership rollout, recently. HHH has brought back a number of NXT-released superstars, as of late, which has created a ton of buzz on WWE television.

From Johnny Gargano to Lumis, Karrion Kross, Dakota Kai, and Dexter have all returned. So, who’s next?

Bronson Reed WWE Return?

On the latest edition of We’re Live Pal, Andrew Zarian states he’s heard the WWE is thinking about bringing Bronson Reed back. Now going as Jonah, Reed was a fav of Triple H’s.

Tony Khan Talent Meeting

Source: @UndergroundTem1, Twitter, Screenshot

As Zarian states, he’s heard one name quite a bit over the last few weeks, and that’s Reed. Andrew notes that Bronson has the size, is “very good”, and has an amazing entrance.

Zarian says that he’s not sure if anything has happened “behind the scenes” with Reed. He also states he doesn’t know Bronson “personally”.

What Andrew does say is that there are many people interested in bringing him back. This is due to his performance in the G1 and his overall talent.

Bronson Reed’s Release Sent Shockwaves

Bronson Reed was part of a slew of NXT talents released last year. Like many wrestlers that were cut over the past two years, many were stunned when he was let go.

Especially since he was a “regular” NXTer and worked main roster dark matches. Currently, Reed works for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

He also had a nice run with Impact Wrestling. However, that ended this past May.

Reed joined the WWE in 2019, officially debuting on NXT that July. During his two-year tenure with the company, he had an NXT North American Championship run.

Will Bronson Reed return to the WWE? If Trips has his eye on him, there’s a very good chance of this.

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