Tony Khan Has Concerns, Does WWE Talent Miss Vince McMahon

tony khan has concerns
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For much of the first years of AEW, things have been better than not…but now, Tony Khan has concerns. Plus, does WWE talent miss the deposed Vince McMahon?

Tony Khan Has Concerns

This may or may not surprise you, but Tony Khan has concerns relative to AEW.

Specifically, the concerns pertain to losing talent to other, possibly more attractive, promotions.

And, unless you’ve been in a coma (apologies if you were…) the wrestling landscape changed significantly in recent weeks.

To make it more blunt, Tony Khan has concerns now, more than ever, of losing AEW talent to WWE.

That concern was somewhat valid earlier in the year. Once Cody Rhodes departed the company he helped start, to return to WWE…some AEW talent were watching.

Now that the creative approach of WWE has been completely overhauled?  Khan has concerns about losing talent like he never had before.

The admission comes from Khan himself, during an interview he gave with SportsGrid.

Of course, a couple things are in play here, so it’s likely not a single thing.

Like, Triple H leading the creative process and ending many of Vince’s hated habits? That does go a long way.

tony khan has concerns

source: @catchmag, twitter, screenshot

However, as AEW has now been around a few years…and contracts tend to run a few years…decisions are more and more coming up.

AEW talent have witnessed what Rhodes has done since returning…and that was under Vince’s creative leadership.

Now, Vince is gone, and WWE creative direction is clearly in a much better place.

There has long been speculation that talents like MJF and Wardlow would be of interest to WWE once their contracts expire.

MJF didn’t shy away from that pending happening, either.

For much of the last two years, WWE had cut talent left and right…and often, the released talent landed in AEW.

A bloated roster gives talent on expiring contracts another reason to re-consider where they sign next.

Soon, we will find out if Tony Khan’s concerns are valid or not.

On the upside, it does seem Khan recognizes the value and benefit to all, of having a better competing product now.

Does WWE Talent Miss Vince McMahon

So, based on the above…it’s funny to ask: does WWE talent miss Vince McMahon?

It seems likely that Tony Khan might.

But does WWE talent miss him?

In a word…no.

Most of us can see the impact of Hunter’s early changes, as shows have felt energized and more must-see than they have in a long time.

tony khan has concerns

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

According to Fightful, at least part of that is simply…the talent does not miss Vince or his creative direction.

Some early examples that were pointed to include how the United States Championship was pushed on RAW.

Also, how underused talent like Mustafa Ali and Ciampa were deployed on Monday.

Factor in the return to a PG-14 RAW, as well as announcers who have more freedom to speak naturally, and things are looking up.

Couple that with earlier reports of promos and matches being less scripted than under Vince, and it’s easy to see how Hunter’s promotion is having a big positive impact so far.


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