The Velveteen Dream Arrested, Braun Strowman – WWE Return

The Velveteen Dream Arrested
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Patrick Clark, also known as The Velveteen Dream, was arrested this past Friday, August 26th. More details on this story, below.

The Velveteen Dream Arrested

Clark was arrested and charged in Orlando, Florida on Friday. It was for an out-of-county warrant dealing with drug paraphernalia possession.

Also, he was arrested for possession of cocaine and destruction of evidence.

This is not Dream’s only arrest as of late. As per a report from PW Insider, court records reveal that he was also arrested in Orlando for First Degree Battery and Trespassing.

The previous arrest happened on Saturday, August 20th. The charges for both arrests are considered first-degree misdemeanors.

More On The Velveteen Dream Arrested

Court records reveal that confidentiality was requested by the victim for the incident that occurred on the 20th. Clark pleaded not guilty.

He was originally bonded out on August 22nd for $1,200. His arraignment court date was set for September.

However, thanks to his recent arrest this past Friday, it appears to be canceled. As of this writing, Dream currently is still incarcerated.

Interestingly enough, Velveteen recently teased a WWE return. That will likely not happen at this point.

However, a WWE comeback that may occur is Braun Strowman. As per a report, his name is being “thrown around” quite a bit backstage.

Braun Strowman – WWE Return

Due to budget cuts last year, Braun Strowman was released from the WWE. He was one of the more surprising superstars that were let go during the slew of firings.

The Velveteen Dream Arrested

Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

With that said, under the new management at WWE, could the Monster Among Men, return? According to Sean Sapp of Fightful, his name has been brought up a lot and he could return.

HHH has already brought back quite a few released talents. If many are pitching the idea of a Strowman return, a comeback is plausible.

After all, Strowman was released in June 2021, only nine months after he held the WWE Universal Championship. A title that was won at the 2020 WrestleMania.

He was a huge fan favorite at the time of his release. But, the report also notes in 2019 when Strowman re-signed, the superstar had a seven-figure multi-year contract that was a notch above many newer deals the company had with other talents.

If the goal was for the WWE to “save” money, then dropping Braun did make sense on that level. Still, many sources in the WWE note that Strowman looks good and is currently “ring ready”.

In fact, a lot are stating that he looks better now than he did when he was in the WWE. Strowman has only worked eight matches since he left the company.

Most of them have been with the Control Your Narrative promotion. There’s no word yet on if Braun’s had negotiations with the WWE or any specific pitches.

Braun Strowman’s History With The WWE

Braun Strowman started training with the company in 2013. His first official appearance was in 2014, as one of Adam Rose’s “Rosebuds”.

He debuted at an NXT live event in Florida in December of that year. By the time August 2015 hit, he was part of the main roster, joining Bray Wyatt’s cult-ish stable, The Wyatt Family.

During his time with the WWE, he created a major impact. He was Universal Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and held the RAW Tag Titles, twice.

Plus, also won WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble and was Mr. Money in the Bank for 2018. His return to the WWE would be a welcomed one for most fans.

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