News WWE SummerSlam Spot
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WWE SummerSlam took place this past Saturday. But fans are still talking about Brock Lesnar and his tractor sport. According to a recent report, things didn’t go “as planned”.

News On WWE SummerSlam Spot

As per PW Insider, Brock’s tractor spot was “rougher” than anyone believed it would be. Especially when it came to Lesnar lifting the ring with the tractor and pushing towards the announce table.

The report notes that there was one rehearsal of the spot when it came to lifting the ring. However, this was a member of the production team.

Lesnar himself did not get any practice with the tractor. Although, he does have extensive experience with farming equipment.

More On WWE SummerSlam Tractor Spot

Despite the move by Brock Lesnar with the tractor, Roman Reigns ended up with the win at SummerSlam. Still, Roman tumbling, while Brock “lifted” the ring with the tractor will remain an iconic moment within the pay-per-view (PPV).

The over-the-top spot even had WWE commentator, Michael Cole, spewing profanity, as production “bleeped” it all out. After the bout, Brock stood in the corner of the ring, tipping his cowboy hat to the live Nashville crowd.

This led to some speculation that the Beast might be leaving, as reports last week hinted that Lesnar was upset by Vince McMahon’s retirement. With that said, a 2023 WWE Day 1 PPV advertisement seems to indicate that Lesnar will be around (at least) until the new year.

Over to a WCW legend, much like Brock, Buff Bagwell was known for his interesting ring attire, mic skills, and his impressive physique. A fan recently posted a current photo of him, and he doesn’t look like the “same old” Buff.

Buff Bagwell “Unrecognizable”

Buff Bagwell last wrestled on the indie scene in 2018. Fast forward four years later, and a recent photo has him looking like a news anchor.

News WWE SummerSlam Spot

Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

The social media post can be seen, below. The good news is that while he looks incredibly conservative, he also looks healthier than he’s been in years.

Buff Bagwell’s Wrestling History

Bagwell spent over a decade in WCW. During that time, he held the WCW Tag titles, five times, and was part of the nWo (although who didn’t join that faction, at one point or another, right?)

Regardless, when WWE bought out WCW, Bagwell was one of the first superstars to appear on television in March 2001. By the time July hit that year, Buff was released from the company.

It seems he was ct from his contract because of an altercation between him and Shane Helms. There were also accusations that Bagwell had an attitude, and faked an injury during a SmackDown taping in July of that year.

With that said, Buff claims he never knew why the company fired him. After he left the WWE, he would move on and enjoy a career in the indie scene and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

Bagwell started a podcast called Rebuilding Buff in 2021. Things got a tad controversial when he mentioned that the WWE turned down his request for rehab.

However, that seems to be water under the bridge and Buff’s moved on. So, while “unrecognizable” Bagwell also seems to be in good spirits, healthy, and happy.