Latest On MJF & AEW Status, Ex-WWE Stars’ Baby News

Latest MFJ AEW Status
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Where is MJF? The last fans saw him was in May, tearing Tony Khan apart in a promo during the post-Double or Nothing episode of Dynamite. WNZ has the latest update on the superstar’s AEW status.

Latest On MJF & AEW Status

A lot has changed in the land of pro wrestling since May and that segment. One major thing is that Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) has disappeared from AEW.

It’s hard to say if the grievances against Khan that he spoke about during his promo were legit. MJF is great on the mic and can blur the lines between “kayfabe” and “reality”, at times.

Since that Dynamite episode, AEW has removed MJF from all its social media pages, website, and merchandise. Could this be a “real” situation or is the promotion going overboard to sell this story?

A new report for Fightful shed a little light on the situation. Despite their countless attempts to look into what happened, no AEW staffer or talent will admit to communicating with MJF since his May segment.

Latest News On MJF & His AEW Status – A Work, Or Not A Work?

In addition, those who are close to or work with him state that he’s avoiding them/not contacting them. It’s been said that MJF was in L.A. the same week he dropped his AEW “pipebomb”, pursuing other opportunities.

It looks like he’s still looking into possible entertainment/media projects. Friedman was apparently in New Jersey last week, filming with the cast of Impractical Jokers from TruTV.

No information on whether he’ll be on the show, or just in another project that the cast members are in. The report also notes that no one has heard Tony Khan talk about MJF, or how he feels about him.

Lastly, anyone asked about MJF in the wrestling community states they haven’t talked to him since his promo in May. Still, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that AEW would be willing to push aside short-term gains for an interesting storyline with a long-term pay-off.

As such, the AEW would want to convince fans that “MJF is gone”. This would explain him being pulled from commercials, promo spots, programming, social media, and merch.

It’s still so hard to say, as this could be an over-the-top work. Only time will tell.

On to some fun news, former WWE stars made a major baby announcement recently. More below.

Ex-WWE Stars’ Baby News

Former WWE star and Impact Knockout Cassie Lee (a.k.a. Peyton Royce) and her hubby, AEW star Shawn Spears (a.k.a. Tye Dillinger) made an announcement on social media recently. Looks like the two are about to become parents.

Latest MJF AEW Status

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Lee hopped on Instagram this week and posted a heartwarming video. It can be seen below.


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Where’s The Couple Been?

Shawn’s been absent from AEW since May. He was aligned with The Pinnacle faction and MJF, during Friedman’s program with Wardlow.

Meanwhile, Lee and her partner Jessica McKay were with Impact until April of this year. The two requested their release and both made statements on social media.

Cassie and Spears met while working in the WWE, and got married in the summer of 2019. Now, it’ll only be some months until the two will be on diaper duty!

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