Gargano Open To WWE Return, Kenny Omega Back In AEW

gargano open wwe return
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Now that things have changed, it seems Johnny Gargano is open to a WWE return. Plus, Kenny Omega is back in AEW, siding with the Young Bucks in their Trios tournament.

Gargano Open To WWE Return

In news many fans have been hoping to hear, Johnny Gargano is now open to a WWE return.

Gargano, one of the best from the black and gold era of NXT, left the company late in 2021.

His contract was expiring, and with a baby on the way, it was expected he would take time off.

Which, he and wife Candice LeRae did.

Since then, however, Gargano has been one of the hottest free agents…and he’s been in no rush to go anywhere.

His patience seems to have paid off. If Gargano wasn’t set on AEW, the scenery at WWE has recently-and vastly-improved.

Now, while fans have wanted Gargano back-especially with Ciampa’s recent push-it seems there is interest from Gargano in WWE.

Per bodyslam.net, the former NXT Champion is indeed interested in a WWE return.

Or, at least, Gargano is open to a WWE return.

Considering he did some of his best work while Triple H was running NXT, it’s not hard to see why there’d be interest.

gargano open wwe return

source: @sportskeeda, twitter, screenshot

And, mutual interest at that.

We’ve already seen Triple H bring back several Superstars that were cut under the previous regime.

Could Johnny Gargano be among those back next?

Or, would the Cleveland native rather pop up in AEW, with the company having a show there next week.

Kenny Omega Back In AEW

Out of action since losing his world championship to Hangman Adam Page, Kenny Omega is back in AEW.

The worldwide star returned from a long injury hiatus on Wednesday’s edition of Dynamite.

He arrived as the mystery partner alongside The Young Bucks, as AEW kicked off their Trios tournament.

The three man team was victorious, as you’d expect in Omega’s return to action.

Most fans were pumped to see Omega back. Considering his absence-277 days-it was simply a matter of when, not if.

gargano open wwe return

source: @wrestlebanana, twitter, screenshot

While many were excited to see it, as big a name and as big a return as it was…some made other valid points.

Omega exhibited some ring rust, as you would expect after close to a year out of the ring.

It is also possible that he came back a little earlier than he should have, which wouldn’t be the first time an AEW star has done that lately.

Still, he was happy to be back, and fans were thrilled to have him back.

Omega addressed the fans following his AEW return.

If indeed he was close to 100% but not quite fully healed, one has to wonder if this is Tony Khan and AEW feeling pressure from the changes happening in Stamford.

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