Becky Lynch Injury

The Raw after SummerSlam marked a new era for WWE. There was a big emphasis on wrestling and building up new stars. Fans were generally positive about the show. However, it was only one show, so let’s not crown Triple H the King Of King of Kings quite yet. 

Here are a few details I focused on way too much. 

Are The Street Profits Breaking Up? 

Out of nowhere, “rumors” started circulating that the Street Profits were on the verge of breaking up. We have not seen any tension between the two, except tonight when Montez Ford cheated during a game of rock-paper-scissors

I do not see the break-up happening soon. While it s clear Montez Ford has all the makings to be a big star, he should have more time with Angelo Dawkins, and the break-up should be amicable. 

The Lady Shield? The Shieldettes? 

Three wrestlers interfering in matches, beating everyone up, with no agenda or alliances. Is it the Shield?

No, it is…Bayley’s Brood? Idk, what the name is, but it’ll be something like The Truth or The Time or something that will fit on a T-Shirt.

Also, while we’re on the subject. Bayley’s pants. They are designers from the streetwear company Fabric of the Universe.


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Ciampa is Getting A Title Shot

If you followed NXT, you know that Tomasso Ciampa was one of Triple H’s favorite wrestlers to use. His amazing feud versus Johnny Gargano might be one of the best in recent memory. So it is no surprise that Ciampa is now the number 1 contender for the United States Title.

Now on paper, he is no match.  Lashley is a monster who has handled nearly everyone on the roster, including Brock Lesnar. But Ciampa has help. The Miz has decided to take Ciampa under his wing and teach him a few tricks. Now Ciampa has played the bad guy to perfection before, so this pairing makes sense. But I wonder if the Miz is setting up Ciampa to win the US title so he can easily take it from him?

Becky’s Injury

I think the face turn for Lynch was planned before she got injured, but even still. Having all that goodwill on the way out the door is pretty good. It wouldn’t surprise me if the WWE puts on her on ice until the Royal Rumble. Let Bianca shine as a champ for a bit.

Was Raw a “Statement Show”?

The night’s theme seemed to be Supershot getting a shot who didn’t have one previously. 

  • Montez had a singles match.
  • Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai were called up by Bayley as two stars who never got a fair shot. 
  • Kai even mentioned that they were “playing the game.


What did you think of Monday Night Raw? 

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