WWE Nixed Scott Hall Tribute, Max Dupri ‘Ruffled Some Feathers

WWE Scott Hall Tribute
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WWE was looking at a larger tribute for Scott Hall, but the idea was nixed. Also, Max Dupri could be gone after angering people backstage.

WWE Nixed Scott Hall Tribute

A few weeks before WrestleMania 38, the wrestling world lost Scott Hall at the age of 63. During an operation, a blood clot was dislodged and Hall suffered three heart attacks.

He was placed on life support, but there were no signs of him waking-up. Therefore, his family made the tough decision to remove him from life support.

His passing left many upset, while others tried looking at the highlights of his career. While Hall’s substance abuse problems were well-known, he was also an entertainer.

WWE paid their respect to Hall with a video package. Also, several wrestlers made homage either on the computer with their actions while on TV.

“Apparently, WWE debated a much larger celebration of Scott Hall,” said Nash. “They [WWE] wanted to do some things.” 

“I just told them, I said, ‘Man, you guys can do whatever you want to do.’ There was talk about doing a hologram thing with Scott and some other things.” 

“Just I said, ‘You guys can do whatever you wanna do,’ I said, ‘I’m not.’ Then, I said, ‘I’m not gonna f—ing say anything negative about anybody that wants to do something for him.’” 

“I said, ‘I just – I’m not ready.’ F—, I didn’t leave my house.” 

“So, I didn’t go on the road. I didn’t shift for a while. It f—d me up.”

Of course, Hall was part of The Kliq with Nash, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Sean Waltman. Even when working for rival companies, their friendship never faded. 

Hall won numbers titles in WWE and WCW. Perhaps, he might best be remembered for his ladder match with Michaels at WrestleMania X.

Max Dupri ‘Ruffled Some Feathers

WWE Scott Hall Tribute

Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

Friday was a crazy day for wrestling fans as Vince McMahon retired and Brock Lesnar briefly walkout of WWE. Somehow, WWE managed to produce a decent episode of SmackDown.

On the show, Sofia Cromwell of NXT 2.0 debuted as Maxxine. She is being billed as the sister of Max Dupri.

As for Max Dupri, he did not appear on the show. Now, it seems like his time on the main roster is already over.

Before leaving, Vince McMahon had already written Dupri out his angle with the Maximum Male Models. Instead, Ma.çé and Mån.sôör will now be represented by Maxxine.

According to Fightful Select, Dupri challenged some of the scripts present to him. Therefore, he had “ruffled some feathers.”

We will have to see if Dupri returns to NXT 2.0. Before being added to the main roster, Dupri was known as LA Knight.

He did send out the following tweet.

The main roster spot did not see Dupri even wrestle. Instead, he was strictly a manger and worked one dark match earlier in the year.

At his age, Dupri does not fit well with the young blood in NXT 2.0. He was successful in Impact Wrestling, so maybe he goes back to that promotion if WWE does not fit.

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