Vince McMahon’s Latest Special Meeting, Naomi Posts Cryptic Message

vince mcmahon special meeting
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He’s been scrambling a lot lately, but check out what we are hearing about Vince McMahon’s latest special meeting. Also, with rumors of her status swirling, Naomi posts a cryptic message.

Vince McMahon’s Latest Special Meeting

It has not been the best of times for him, but Vince McMahon’s latest special meeting may not be trying to save his bacon at all.

Instead, it seems like McMahon continues to try his best to focus on the business of running WWE, or at least doing what he does on the creative side.

After all, in light of his first rumored big hush money payment, McMahon stepped aside as the boss, and daughter Stephanie ended her brief leave of absence to cover for him.

Since then, Vince has been on WWE television several times, and basically always providing some goofy, relatively useless but brief appearance.

Now, on the heels of even more hush money paid out to more women, we have news of Vince McMahon’s latest special meeting.

If you like Vince, this one won’t be bad news.

vince mcmahon special meeting

source: @wwegareth, twitter, screenshot

According to Fightful, Vince McMahon’s latest special meeting could be happening this weekend.

McMahon was scheduled to fly from SmackDown in Texas, to Vancouver.

There, is is believed he will be meeting with part-time WWE Superstar John Cena.

Cena is supposed to be in Vancouver working on his latest season of The Peacemaker.

It is unclear specifically what McMahon would discuss with Cena, but there are a few good guesses.

First, depending on filming, Vince might still be hoping to get Cena to work SummerSlam. Initially, rumors pointed to Cena and Theory, but that direction has changed.

Seth Rollins had laid some groundwork for a future match, but for now it seems that Rollins and Riddle are set to clash.

With Cena seeming less likely for SummerSlam, it seems quite possible that McMahon will be meeting with him to pitch a significant bout for WrestleMania.

Considering it’s the biggest show of the year, and it’s in Hollywood, McMahon will be pulling out all the stops.

And, one of those stops seems to be bringing Cena in for a big match. Maybe.

Naomi Posts Cryptic Message

We have not seen her in months, and there’s a rumor now that she and her partner aren’t on the WWE roster. Now, Naomi posts a cryptic message via social media…and it’s making folks wonder.

We’ve already seen rumors of Sasha Banks having been released. WWE has not issued any statement about it, either confirming or denying the decision.

As we all know, Naomi and Sasha Banks were understandably upset with how they were being booked as tag team champions.

vince mcmahon special meeting

source: @sashasprescott, twitter, screenshot

The team walked out of RAW, and in the process, effectively relinquished the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles.

Shortly after they went home, WWE made an interesting move to publicly acknowledge they had a tantrum. The company subsequently suspended the pair and stripped them of the belts.

Very little has been heard about them since.

On one hand, it is quite possible that WWE is done with one or both, as rumblings seem to indicate.

Or, on the other hand, it is quite possible that what started out as a very real situation maybe has been patched up and is morphing into a story line as we speak.

After all, to this point, WWE has only announced that there would be a tournament to crown new champions. We’ve heard nothing further on the matter.

Fans overwhelmingly want both Superstars back, and the Women’s Division could certainly use the support.

If the two made amends with WWE brass and their peers? Surely there is surely a superb return program for them, that could really boost things.

But, knowing WWE…we won’t get it.

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