Update on NXT 2.0 Creative Team, Rhea Ripley’s Emotional Message

NXT 2.0 Creative Team

WWE NXT 2.0 created a new look for the developmental brand. It changed up its roster, gave new names to talent, and so much more. A report has recently surfaced about the creative team. WNZ has an update, down below.

Update on NXT 2.0 Creative Team

According to PW Insider, Shawn Michaels and Bruce Prichard are still the head of NXT 2.0’s creative. Both have been the heads of this department for a while.

In fact, Shawn dates back to being the head of creative direction when the brand was “black and gold”. In addition, the report notes that Johnny Russo is still the head writer.

Russo is joined by George Carroll and Nick Bonanno on the writing team. Technically, George is a “recent addition” because he was cut in January of this year and then brought back as of late.

More On NXT 2.0 Creative Team Heads

Shawn Michaels has been with NXT since 2018. He’s notedly produced some of the brand’s memorable main events.

Meanwhile, Bruce Prichard has had his hands in many pots, not only with NXT Creative but helping to lead WWE’s main rosters, too. The reason Bruce entered the NXT fold was to maintain continuity between developmental and main roster brands.

Prichard was also appointed interim Head of Talent Relations. This was to replace John Laurinaitis during the recent “hush money” scandal he’s involved in with Vince McMahon.

Laurinaitis has been put on administrative leave as the WWE board continues its investigation. Prichard is juggling a lot of balls at the moment.

NXT underwent a major change this last year. With its creative team remaining stable, this helps guarantee long-term success as the brand continues to deliver exciting programs, storylines, and matches.

Someone who has been massively successful from the NXT brand is Rhea Ripley. She recently offered a highly emotional message to fans.

Rhea Ripley’s Emotional Message

Ripley was supposed to challenge RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair at the Money in the Bank (MITB) pay-per-view (PPV) this past weekend. However, as she suffered a brain injury, she needed to be replaced.

NXT 2.0 Creative Team

Source: @BuffWomanOTD, Twitter, Screenshot

Carmella stepped in and had an interesting bout with the EST of WWE, taking Rhea’s place. While Ripley does play a heel, most fans can see there’s a person behind the character and wish her a speedy recovery.

Sadly, one WWE fan recently hopped on Twitter to write a very nasty message to Rhea. She stated she thought Ripley should be abused.

Rhea confronted the fan with an emotional tweet. See below.

Be Kind, Always

Whether it’s a normal ‘everyday’ person or a WWE talent, everyone needs to be a bit kinder on social media. There are real people behind each post.

In the case of the Twitter user who posted that “Rhea Ripley should be abused”, well, it seems as if their account is now placed on private. They may have received some backlash on what they wrote.

Rhea signed with the WWE in 2017, participating in the inaugural Mae Young Classic. Over the years she’s been NXT Women’s Champion, NXT UK Women’s Champion, RAW Women’s Champion, as well as WWE Women’s Tag Champion.

On behalf of everyone here at WNZ, we can’t wait to see Ripley back in that ring. She’s one of the best “villainesses” on the Red brand, whom we love to hate!