SummerSlam spoilers

SummerSlam is on Saturday, and Monday Night Raw began a new era at the home of wrestling, Madison Square Garden.

I am changing up my normal “details you missed” post to instead focus on details you should watch for at SummerSlam. 

Will Dolph Ziggler Cost Theory His Cash In? 

One of the unwritten rules about being the MITB winner is that the briefcase inoculates you against losing matches. You can lose every single match and still be a threat because of the unpredictability of when you can cash in. We are seeing a similar journey with Theory. He is being beaten up by pretty much everyone on the roster. Except he isn’t losing “cleanly”; instead, he keeps losing via the interference of the returned Dolph Ziggler.

What’s the deal with @HEELZiggler & @_Theory1? #WWERaw

— WWE (@WWE) July 26, 2022

Ziggler also finally revealed his reasoning for going after Theory.
“I just think he needed to be taught a lesson.” Ziggler sees himself in Theory and wants him to avoid the same pitfalls. 

Also, if you caught the end where Ziggler called Gable a “Nathan Fielder” wanna-be.

Ziggler was referencing comedian television show host Nathan Felder, who hosted fake life advice shows Nathan For You and The Rehearsal.

Fielder’s mention seemed a bit out of place, as I don’t see his style of humor translating to WWE’s audience. But who knows? 

Will Ziggler cost Theory his title cash-in? They are certainly hinting at it.

Is Logan Paul in WWE for the Long-Term?

The Miz has once again proved himself to be one of the best talkers in all of wrestling. He took Jake Paul, a universally reviled internet celebrity, and turned him into a good guy. The two square off at SummerSlam in what I am anticipating to be the surprise match of the night.

Logan Paul recently signed a “contract” to become a WWE Superstar. We don’t know the details of the contract, however. Paul, who is busy with his brand and popular podcast, might not be looking to work in WWE full-time, but I could see him sticking around for a few more matches.

With WWE having big shows coming up in Saudi Arabia and the UK, Paul would be greatly added star power.

Will Jeff Jarrett Interfere in the Tag Title Match?

I hope so. I know there’s a Nashville connection in having Jarrett ref the SummerSlam match, but if there is not a guitar that smashes over someone’s head, I will be extremely disappointed.

Is This SummerSlam Really The Last Time Brock vs Roman Face-off? 

WWE is billing the Last Man Standing Match for the WWE titles as the “final time” that Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns will face each other in the ring. Every promise in WWE comes with an asterisk, but I think we won’t be seeing the two face-offs for a while. 

Word is that Roman is planning on taking time off to pursue Hollywood roles, and Brock is always a wild card. So I could see the both of them going away for a while. Regardless, this match will be an incredible main event. 

Does Theory cash in? A Last Man Standing Match is traditionally the most brutal and hardest-hitting match in all of WWE, so it would be a perfect chance for Theory to steal the title away. In addition, Theory is feuding with many title contenders, so it would be a natural fit for Theory to be the next heel champion. 

Are you excited about SummerSlam? Share your thoughts in the comments below.