Parker Boudreaux’s New AEW Stable, Rey Fenix Injury Status

Parker Boudreaux's AEW Stable
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Parker Boudreaux was released from the WWE this past April. He was on NXT, known as Harland, and was working alongside Joe Gacy. Now, he’s in AEW. WNZ has an update on the superstar and Boudreaux’s new stable.

Parker Boudreaux’s New AEW Stable

Ari Emanuel, from the UFC, has been referenced several times over the years. From Ari Gold on Entourage to The Larry Sander’s Show.

Now, there’s another one. Dave Meltzer from Wrestler Observer Radio recently talks about this, as Ari’s “likeness” was the root for Ariya Daivari’s evolution into “Ari Daivari”.

The concept now is that his trust fund came into play on July 4th, making him rich. This new “benefactor” has created a faction called “The Trust Busters”, with Boudreaux and long-time independent veteran Slim J.

The stable debuted during AEW Dark tapings recently. Dave chimed in on the trio.

As per Meltzer, J’s been around for a while. However, was never given a “chance” anywhere.

Dave also notes that Tony Khan is quite “excited” about the stable. With that said, the group’s place in AEW is uncertain at the moment.

Where Will Parker Boudreaux’s New AEW Stable End Up?

Meltzer goes on to say that the decision has not been made around whether the faction should be for AEW or Ring of Honor (ROH). He does note that AEW has many acts right now, while ROH doesn’t.

Dave also points out that ROH’s Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view (PPV) has only five matches on the card currently, while the show is set to run for three hours. Plus, there’s an hour pre-show.

Meltzer states that ROH will need to add more matches to this event, plus people. Only time will tell where Boudreaux’s new faction ends up.

Speaking of AEW, during last week’s Rampage show, Rey Fenix suffered an ankle injury. More on this story, below.

Rey Fenix Injury Status

The Lucha Bros faced Private Party during last week’s show when Rey took an atomic drop. After the bout, he was seen limping.

Parker Boudreaux's AEW Stable

Source: @Saintwrestling1, Twitter, Screenshot

The good news is that the AEW match was taped the Wednesday prior. Fenix was back in the ring by the following Friday.

It looks as if Rey’s ankle injury isn’t severe. Dave Meltzer chats about this during his recent Wrestling Observer Radio.

Meltzer notes that while it looked scary, Fenix is fine. It doesn’t seem as if he’ll miss any time.

Dave also states that taking an atomic drop is generally “safe”. However, the injury likely was a fluke that just “happened”.

“Too Many Guys” In AEW Getting Hurt

Interestingly enough, Meltzer also notes that while Fenix is okay, AEW needs to change their “stuff” as so many talents are hurt in the company right now. Dave isn’t sure if that means more matches, but something needs to change because “too many guys” are injured at the moment.

Earlier this year, Rey suffered an awful elbow injury. He missed some time but returned quicker than expected.

It’s a good thing his ankle injury isn’t that bad. It would have been terrible for him to enter the “injured” list twice in one year.

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