Is Rhea Ripley In Bad Shape, Otis Segment Was Almost Worse

rhea ripley bad shape
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Initially set to challenge Bianca Belair, this Superstar has been MIA for several weeks-is Rhea Ripley in bad shape? Plus, as bad as it was, the recent Otis segment was almost worse.

Is Rhea Ripley In Bad Shape

She was supposed to take on Bianca Belair at Money In The Bank, but instead she’s been off TV for weeks…is Rhea Ripley in bad shape?

It’s a valid concern, all things considered.

Shortly after Ripley earned the shot at Belair for the July title match, things changed.

Bianca Belair came out on a subsequent RAW, announced to the world that Ripley was not medically cleared and there would be a new challenger.

That challenger became Carmella, but that’s sort of irrelevant here.

Is Rhea Ripley in bad shape? It’s hard to say, but we do know at least a little bit about what’s going on.

Problem is…that little bit is just about all we know.

rhea ripley bad shape

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

We do know that the Superstar suffered some manner of dental injury during a match.

That much Ripley confirmed via social media, complete with pictures.

Now, also thanks to Rhea Ripley, we have learned that the Superstar is currently at home, rocking a heart monitor.

Hence the ask, is Rhea Ripley in bad shape.

Heart monitors make me a bit worried, but the presumption here is this is more of a precautionary move, to observe measurements before she can return to action.

The dental work is believed to be from some teeth being knocked loose or out during a match, but it seems possible that, given she’s missed a month, she has some lingering issues.

Teeth can take some time to heal, of course. A shot to the head that knocks teeth loose could also give someone a concussion, too.

Until we hear otherwise, I feel this is all being done out of an abundance of caution.

Whenever Rhea Ripley returns, it seems certain her sights will be squarely on Bianca Belair and her RAW Women’s Championship.

Otis Segment Was Almost Worse

If you caught the 4th of July themed RAW last week, you saw the gross segment. That Otis segment was likely almost worse.

Which, honestly, is pretty hard to comprehend.

Honestly, I think either iteration-what could have been, or what we got-was pretty nasty.

I am not so sure that the scrapped version would have been any worse, but possibly, depending on execution.

According to Fightful, at least one plan for Otis and the vomit had it landing somewhere else.

Or, more likely, on someone else.

rhea ripley bad shape

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

As executed, Otis chucked after his ill-advised match on RAW. He did so in the ring, in close proximity to partner Chad Gable.

However, in one ditched suggestion, Otis would not have chucked near Gable.

Instead, he was slated to barf ON Gable. Specifically, on his partner’s boots and perhaps other ring attire.

Fortunately (I think!?) things changed, and while we still saw the projectile vomiting, it was not on Gable in any fashion.

It was a holiday show and Vince has a long history with puke. We can all agree this was a gross segment, but not a shock considering who was involved.

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