Huge Update On The Briscoes’ Future, Triple H Promoted

Huge Update Briscoes' Future
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In a huge update, we are learning more about The Briscoes’ future. Also, Triple H has taken the job once held by John Laurinaitis.

Huge Update On The Briscoes’ Future

There are still plenty of questions about what is next for Ring of Honor (ROH). They went on hiatus at the end of 2021 and then Tony Khan swooped in to purchase the company. 

Since then, they have produced one show that also featured AEW talent. Now, they return this Saturday For Death Before Dishonor.

During the media call, Tony Khan was asked about The Briscoes. He confirmed they are under contract with ROH and thus he controls where they work.

“The Briscoes are under contract to Ring of Honor,” said Khan. “Long-term contract.” 

“I think there are some other developmental wrestlers, but really the key, probably the biggest names that are exclusively signed to Ring of Honor are the Briscoes. They are some of the biggest names in Ring of Honor history, they’re Hall of Famers.” 

“There are others, but I think that would be a great example of a key act. They haven’t really appeared in AEW yet, but they are signed to Ring of Honor.”

There were concerns from Warner Brothers Discovery about The Briscoes. It goes back many years, when Jay Briscoes made homophobic remarks.

At the time, ROH made him issue a publicity apology. Outside of that, the two have stayed out of trouble.

At Death Before Dishonor, The Briscoes will look to regain their tag titles. They dropped them at Final battle to FTR.

This time, the two will meet in a best of three match. Catch the entire event on Bleacher report or via pay per view.

Triple H Promoted

Huge Update Briscoes' Future

Source: WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE has undergone some major changes behind the scenes. Vince McMahon was accused of several hush money deals, which resulted in him temporarily stepping down as CEO.

For now, Stephanie McMahon is the interim CEO. Of course, Vince could always take the spot back.

Another change is Triple H becoming the new Executive Vice President of Talent Relations. The major position was held by John Laurinaitis before being put on leave as part of the hush money settlements.

WWE released a short announce where Triple H also commented. 

“I look forward to returning to my prior position as head of Talent Relations,” said Triple H. “I’m healthy, fired up, and ready to take charge.” 

He would then add a little more on Twitter.

Triple H now seems back full-time in WWE. After a health scare with his heart, he retired right before WrestleMania 38.

He loves pro wrestling, so his new title seems like the right fit. Hopefully, Triple H focuses on brining in new talent and remains retired.

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