Best SummerSlam Bouts…Where Might Lesnar And Reigns Rank?

lesnar and reigns rank
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With WWE’s biggest show of the season fast approaching, it’s time to talk about two things. What the best SummerSlam bouts ever are, and where might Lesnar and Reigns rank when it’s all done?

Since we’ve got quite a few SummerSlam matches to consider, this list is not going to be that long. Seriously, you can find all sorts of rankings, some get quite lengthy.

That is not going to happen here.

I have two simple questions in front of me.

One, what are the best SummerSlam bouts ever?

Two, where might Lesnar and Reigns and their Last Man Standing match rank, once it is in the books?

Simple enough, right?

Sure, but things are naturally a bit subjective. What I choose as my top five might not be yours.

I might have a couple that you do, or some you never considered. This is me admitting, right here and now, that this is not any definitive list.

I am biased in that I think it’s a pretty good list, but it’s still my opinion…which is fine, because this is me writing it!

And with that…let’s get into it.

source: @wweindia, twitter, screenshot

Best SummerSlam Bouts Ever…And Where Might Lesnar and Reigns Rank?

Right off the bat, it’s obviously just a guess as to where might Lesnar and Reigns rank. That match has not happened yet.

Honestly, I am going in with high hopes, but low expectations. I have not hated any of the previous clashes, but I would say that most didn’t fit the notion of a “best match of the show”, much less “of all time” ranking.

These two Superstars are of course big draws, but I am not sure either man, let alone both, could tell a story for 20 to 30 minutes and keep us engaged.

Not saying they can’t…more that they aren’t exactly known for it.

Could we see one of the best matches at SummerSlam from them? Yes.

Am I expecting it? Not at all.

I think, when all is said and done, we might remember this bout more for a Theory cash in.

With that said, let’s get into what we’ve already seen…and these are mostly in no particular order.

Shawn Michaels versus Razor Ramon

The same two Superstars who executed the best ladder match in WWE history? They went at it again…in another ladder match.

Their WrestleMania masterpiece is the one they are most known for, but they had another in 1995 at SummerSlam.

Another ladder match, also for the Intercontinental Championship.

And, it was as good as the first. Possibly better.

But definitely at least as good. Razor Ramon and HBK were really good here.

I don’t care about Money In The Bank ladder matches, or any other we’ve seen.

These two wrote the books on ladder matches in WWE, and this was without a doubt one of the best SummerSlam matches ever.

Bret Hart versus Owen Hart

SummerSlam, 1994, the classic WWF blue steel cage.

lesnar and reigns rank

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Brother versus brother, with The Hitman defending the WWF title.

This was a great one, because, well, let’s be honest. You’ve got two brothers who spent years wrestling each other, learning the family business.

They could have likely wrestled each other blindfolded and executed better matches than we get today.

This match makes me sad for a couple reasons.

One, because Owen is gone, and gone too soon. It means we missed so many chances to see more of these great matches.

Two, because Owen is gone, and this one makes me think…how big of a Superstar might Owen Hart have been?

Dudleys versus Hardys versus Edge & Christian

Anyone who reads me, who has been reading me, knows I am a fan of tag team wrestling…when it is good.

And these three teams, in a TLC match at SummerSlam in 2000?

source: @signaturespot, twitter, screenshot

That was tag team wrestling done extremely well. Sure, pun intended.

I got hooked on D-Von and Bubba while watching them in ECW. Matt and Jeff were always fun from the time of their WWE debut, and the same can be said for Edge and Christian.

As a normal tag match, any two of these teams battling one another produced great matches.

Make it a three team affair, and things were just insanely good.

Triple H versus The Rock

SummerSlam, the year was 1998, and this match was for the Intercontinental Championship.

It was also another ladder match, and these two are far less known for those.

Totally unplanned, but it’s also our third match of the list involving the climbing apparatus. Go figure.

lesnar and reigns rank

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Any wresting fan who has watched long enough has seen this type of match.

Call it their moment of arrival, a coming out party, the aha moment. Any and all fit.

For these two, in 1998, the future was unwritten. Their careers had just gotten started, really.

Neither had risen to the heights they were destined to reach. This match showed us all what to expect in the years to come.

The match did not disappoint, and neither did their careers.

Bret Hart versus Davey Boy Smith

SummerSlam, 1988, Wembley Stadium.

So much to say about this one.

First, the show in general was awesome. Even now, I remember as a kid renting this VHS and marveling at the ring entrances that the Wembley footprint allowed.

source: @LetsGoBackToWCW, twitter, screenshot

Like, Ellering and the Road Warriors on Harleys.

The main event, however, was the big one. Hart came in as the Intercontinental Champion, and Smith-the hometown boy-wanted it.

And, he did wrest it away from his brother-in-law, in what remains, in my opinion, the best SummerSlam match of all time.

So…those are my five best SummerSlam matches of all time. Where will Lesnar and Reigns rank?

Honestly…I doubt they crack this top five. I don’t even know that they can crack my not-written top ten.

One thing working against them? They aren’t fighting for the Intercontinental Championship.

That’s sort of tongue in cheek, but seriously. Three of the five here were for the so-called “junior” title, and the other match involved the tag titles.

Only a single one of these, for whatever reason, involved the world championship. Kind of crazy when you think about it.

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