Who Initiated Stephanie McMahon Hiatus? + AEW Lost Money On MJF

Initiated Stephanie McMahon Hiatus
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The wrestling world is still reeling from Stephani McMahon announcing her hiatus from the WWE. She stepped down as the company’s Chief Brand Officer, a role she had spent significant time in. Now, WNZ has more information about this story, down below.

Who Initiated Stephanie McMahon Hiatus?

As per a report by Claire Atkinson of Business Insider, Stephanie’s leave was initiated by her dad, Vince McMahon. The company has already brought in a new full-time employee to oversee some of her work.

Vince was behind the decision for Steph’s hiatus, but additional reports reveal that some within the company questioned her abilities as an executive. This has left many media and fans wondering if the WWE had plans to intentionally bury Ms. McMahon upon her exit.

Wrestler Observer’s Dave Meltzer talks about this on his message board recently. He notes that leaving was “100%” her choice”.

Apparently, she’d been talking about leaving to close friends when HHH had his heart issues. But would certain high-level executives want to bury her, despite all the work she’s put into the company all these years?

More On Who & What Initiated Stephanie McMahon Hiatus

Meltzer confirms that some key people in the organization did want to “bury” Ms. McMahon on her way out. Actually, as per the report, Steph’s “burial” was coming from the “top”.

It’s interesting because the perception right after Stephanie’s tweet about her WWE hiatus seemed to focus on her leaving due to family and personal issues. There is likely a much bigger story going on here. 

While Stephanie McMahon’s leave of absence is quite controversial, AEW has its own issues in the form of MJF. Now, these problems are costing the company some serious cash. 

AEW Lost Money On MJF

MJF has been a hot topic since the Double or Nothing (DON) weekend when he skipped a fan fest event. Interestingly enough, many thought he may not show up for the event because of it.

Initiated Stephanie McMahon Hiatus

Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

The good news is that he did perform at DON. However, his no-show at the fan fest event cost AEW a lot of money.

Many fans went to the event to meet MJF. He’s quite the fan favorite.

Therefore, by him not showing up, they lost quite a bit of revenue. This likely doesn’t make Tony Khan too happy.

But how much? According to a report by Fightful Select, AEW’s keep at the event $10,000.

This is how much it likely would’ve cost to organize and run the event. This is a significant amount to lose money on.

Is This MJF Angle A Work?

MJF ended up being squashed by Wardlow at Double or Nothing. Then he dropped a heated promo following the event, on Dynamite where he blasted AEW and Tony Khan. 

Many have speculated on whether or not this entire angle with MJF is legit or a work. If it is a work, at $10,000 for one event, it’s a costly one. 

Only time will tell how this MJF and AEW situation will sort out. Until then, it’s interesting to see the “real-life” drama unfold. 

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