Warner Bros. Reaction To MJF Promo, Melanie Pillman Passes

Warner Bros. MJF Promo
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This week’s Dynamite was explosive, to say the least. Most of this is due to the MJF promo pipebomb filled with profanity and disdain for AEW. In an ironic twist, the promotion invited a number of Warner Bros. execs to the event. What was their reaction?

Warner Bros. Reaction To MJF Promo

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio chats about this week’s AEW Dynamite during his latest edition. He points out that there was a party for the Warner Bros. Discovery executives after Dynamite.

Meltzer notes that “everybody” seemed happy there after the show. However, some of them may not have been pleased with the language MJF used.

More On Warner Bros. Reaction To MJF Promo

He also speculates about the television broadcasting partners who may not have approved of MJF’s language that night. He used TSN in Canada as an example since some “swear words” in the promo got through on live TV.

With that said, it seems saucier language on cable television is becoming a thing. USA Network recently ran promos during “Chuck” season one, where the killer doll used the “f-bomb” like it was going out of style.

Therefore, it’s hard to say exactly what the Warner Bros. execs thought about the similar words MJF used in his promo. At the end of the day, he certainly created a buzz for the brand.

Plus, overall, Tony Khan organized a stellar show that night. He clearly wanted to make a “splash” for the execs in the audience.

On to some sad news in the land of wrestling. Melanie Pillman has passed away.

Melanie Pillman Passes

Widow of WCW and WWF legend Brian Pillman, and mother to AEW’s Brian Pillman Jr. has passed away. Brian Pillman Jr. announced this on social media.

Warner Bros. MJF Promo

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Ms. Pillman passed on Wednesday, June 1st. Her son wrote a tribute to her on Instagram.

Unfortunately, Melanie had issues with alcohol and drug addiction. Brian’s IG post on this mom’s death can be read below.


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Pillman Jr. notes in the post that his mom would always hop onto his Twitch streams to interact with fans and share old stories about his father. She was also helping out his sister with her son Asher, as of late.

Brian states that while his mom’s passing was unexpected, it was not surprising. This was due to her “lifestyle choices” that dominated much of her life.

Still, Pillman highlights his mom’s intelligence, beauty, and “dark” sense of humor. He also notes he was proud of her role in the Dark Side of the Ring (DSOTR) documentary about their family.

Brian Pillman Jr. also posted a smaller and different tribute for his mom on Twitter. See below.

Melanie Pillman’s History With Wrestling

Melanie married Brian Pillman in 1993. The two were together until he passed away in 1997.

Fans may remember that the night after Pillman died, Vince McMahon interviewed her on Monday Night RAW. Melanie was also on the DSOTR episode that featured Brian Pillman, which aired last year in May.

Losing someone is never easy. On behalf of everyone here at WNZ, we pass on our condolences to the Pillman family, as well as loved ones and friends.