W. Morrissey Leaving Impact, Former WWE Talent At AEW Dynamite

W. Morrissey Leaving Impact
Source: @JustAlyxCentral, Twitter, Screenshot

Morrissey, also known in the WWE as Big Cass, signed with Impact Wrestling last year in April. According to a report, his run with the promotion has ended.

Morrissey Leaving Impact

Morrissey had quite the comeback story in 2021. While he almost died due to alcohol addiction, he turned his life around and returned to wrestling.

He signed with Impact in April 2021, and quickly became a part of the promotion’s main event scene. Starting off as a heel, he evolved into a fan favorite babyface.

According to PW Insider, Morrissey and Impact Wrestling have parted ways. He’ll be on tonight’s show, but this will be his last performance with the company.

Morrissey Leaving Impact … On His Way To Becoming All Elite?

Morrissey recently was on AEW and took part in a storyline between Wardlow and MJF. This created a buzz on social media, where fans wondered if he’d make a jump to Tony Khan’s promotion.

With his departure from Impact, this is now a possibility. Fans will have to wait and see.

Morrissey has made incredible strides in the land of pro wrestling. Many thought he wouldn’t make it.

In 2018, he had a seizure (due to alcohol withdrawals) during a match for Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore. With that said, he went to rehab and made a huge comeback.

Speaking of AEW, seemed as if the backstage area was filled with visitors this week. One happened to be Dolph Ziggler, and another was a former WWE talent who was once his onscreen girlfriend.

Former WWE Talent At AEW Dynamite

Many fans were happy to see Miro return to action during last night’s Dynamite. It was a nice surprise considering he hadn’t competed in the promotion for 200+ days.

W. Morrissey Leaving Impact

Source: @TheCJPerry, Twitter, Screenshot

According to Fightful Select, his real-life wife, CJ Perry (a.k.a. Lana in the WWE) joined him backstage for support. Lana served as Miro’s (then-Rusev) manager, was a star on Total Divas, and dabbled in some in-ring competition within the women’s division.

As per the report, the Mr. and Mrs. were seen walking around backstage all day. Nice that these two continue to stay strong within their relationship.

Will Lana Compete In AEW?

Will Lana show up in AEW? That’s hard to say.

Miro has referenced this idea a number of times during AEW promos. She was released by the WWE in June 2021, so anything is possible.

Lana was advertised to wrestle for a show produced by the Authors of Pain for the WES Women’s Championship. Sadly, the event was postponed to another date.

It’s unclear if Lana will now participate in the match. However, it sounds like she’s finding other ways to earn a living.

She recently launched a premium content site. On her first day, she made a whopping $20,000.

She’s also making money via a cryptocurrency space. If she does return to wrestling, it would have to be for the right offer, as it seems she’s dived into other career opportunities.

With that said, many talents continue to wrestle because of their love and admiration for the business. Lana certainly has a flair for promos and made a stellar sidekick for Rusev.

Could history repeat itself in AEW? Only time will tell!